Solon existing 120 An ecological extension , This version focuses on detail polishing :

  • increase mybatisplus-solon-plugin plug-in unit
    // thus ,Solon  Has completed the mainstream at home and abroad 5 individual ORM Frame plug-in adaptation 
  • plug-in unit solon.validation, annotation Whitelist、NotBlacklist、Logined Add inheritable support
    //Solon Specific lightweight and complete verification capability and verification extension mechanism
    public class ApiBaseLogined {
    } @Controller
    public class DemoController extends ApiBaseLogined {
    public void addArchive(Long id, String name, String description){
    } @Mapping("addArchiveItem")
    public void addArchiveItem(@Validated ItemModel item){
  • adjustment Routing rules , belt * The printing and mapping relationship of No. comes back
    public class DemoController {
    public void all(){
    } @Mapping("/add") // be relative to *, Have priority matching
    public void add(){
  • adjustment When the communication port is occupied , Throw an exception instead
  • internationalization increase Content-Language Header information support , Make international control more friendly
  • internationalization increase Contextual Locale Injection support
    public void demo(Locale locale){ }
  • internationalization increase I18nService class
    public class DemoController {
    I18nService i18nService = new I18nService("i18n.user"); @Mapping("/demo")
    public String demo(Locale locale){
    return i18nService.get(locale, "");
  • adjustment Inner class , Renamed LocalCacheService
    public class Config {
    public CacheService cache(){
    return new LocalCacheService();
  • plug-in unit solon.serialization.hession Renamed : plug-in unit solon.serialization.hessian
  • Adjust the serialization rendering scheme , No longer affected accept header influence
  • adjustment Validator Numeric , Empty means pass ( Whether it is allowed to be empty is determined by @NotEmpty Handle )
  • adjustment Aop.get(type) Change it to return bean || null
  • Cancel Aop.getOrNull(type) Interface , from Aop.get(type)
  • newly added Aop.getOrNew(type) return bean; Instead of the old Aop.get(type)
  • Interface CloudFileService increase delete Method
    public class DemoController {
    public void put(UploadedFile file){
    // Alibaba cloud oss or AWS s3 or Seven cattle Image upload ( Use Solon Cloud The interface will be simple )
    CloudClient.file().putStream(Utils.guid(), file.content, "image/jpg");
  • Repair solon.extend.staticfiles There will be .htm Of mine matching .xhtm The situation of
  • Optimization does not enable cache control ( Based on code control , It can be changed according to the startup parameters )
  • Optimize controls that do not enable transactions
  • Adjust the cache tag parameter usage policy , Lack of time is very convenient for users to find
  • increase @Inject("${xx.xx.ary}") List ary Support for
    public class DemoController {
    List<String> linkes; @Inject("${project.details}")
    Map<String,String> details;
  • Repair Props stay forEach when , Duplication may occur key The problem of

About Solon

Solon It's a light weight Java Basic development framework . emphasize , restraint + concise + The principle of openness ; Strive for , smaller 、 faster 、 A freer experience . Support :RPC、REST API、MVC、Job、Micro service、WebSocket、Socket And other development models . Short and sharp !

Solon Cloud Is a series of interface standards and configuration specifications , Count as Solon Distributed development suite based on .

Quickly understand Solon The material of :

《Solon Feature set , Compare with Springboot What's the difference? ?》

《Solon Cloud List of distributed service development kits , Feeling and receiving Spring Cloud Different 》

《Solon Ideas and architecture notes 》

Smaller :

kernel 0.1m, The smallest interface development unit 0.2m( Compare with Dubbo、Springboot The dependency package of , Small enough to be ignored )

Faster :

This machine http helloworld test ,Qps Can be up to 12 Wan Zhi Du . May refer to :《helloworld_wrk_test

More freedom :( Code controls freedom )

//  In addition to annotation mode , You can also do it manually on demand 
// Get configuration manually (Props by Properties Enhanced version )
Props db = Solon.cfg().getProp("db"); // Get the... In the container manually Bean
UserService userService = Aop.get(UserService.class); // Manual monitoring http post request"/user/update", x-> userService.updateById(x.paramMap())); // Manually add RPC service"/rpc/", HelloService.class, true); // Get one manually RPC Service consumer
HelloService helloService = Nami.builder().create(HelloService.class); // Manually add components to the container

Hello world:

//Handler  Pattern :
public class App{
public static void main(String[] args){
SolonApp app = Solon.start(App.class,args); app.get("/",(c)->c.output("Hello world!"));
} //Controller Pattern :(mvc or rest-api)
public class App{
public static void main(String[] args){
} // limit put Method type
public String hello(String name){
return "Hello " + name;
} //Remoting Pattern :(rpc)
public class App implements HelloService{
public static void main(String[] args){
} @Override
public String hello(){
return "Hello world!";

attach : Project address

attach : Introductory example

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