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Here are Java All the information released by WeChat official account of technology stack. Java Technology dry goods , It's national day , A new wave , If you haven't seen it, you have time to see , I hope it helps you .

Java The basic chapter

《Java Development Manual ( Song Mountain version )》 The latest release

Code like this , I have nothing to do !

Java Detailed explanation of basic data type conversion in

Java Parent class casts subclass policy

switch Supported by 6 Type of data

switch Multi value matching operation , Take you up !

Figure out a picture Java Exception mechanism

10 A hated Java abnormal ..

Universal unique identification code UUID The introduction and use of

String splicing + and concat The difference between

Java Fun sharing :try/finally

About Java Serialize everything you should know

Why? byte Value -128~127?

Servlet 3.x Asynchronous processing mechanism of

3 Common Class Level error

Java A misleading concept for programmers

Java void and Void The difference between

Java operation Cookie Additions and deletions

substring stay jkd6,7,8 The difference in

Java flow :IO、BIO、NIO、AIO

Java Yuan notes @interface Detailed explanation

Java Jar Package compression 、 Decompression guide

Java The gathering evolved from rookie to great God

Loop delete List The right way for elements

Several thread safe Map analysis

Explain profound theories in simple language Java Packaging class in

String Is it really immutable ?

HashMap and Hashtable Of 6 Differences

Hashtable Why not call HashTable?

Java In the initialization List A collection of 6 Ways of planting !

Java Collection classes , A picture makes it clear !

Stop writing bug 了 , Avoid null pointer 5 A case !

StringBuffer and StringBuilder 3 Differences !

You only use it StringBuilder?StringJoiner It's delicious !

Java Created in String Two interview questions and detailed explanations

You really understand transient Key words ?

Cheating father Java Variable parameters , Made me miserable enough

Java Null pointer can still play like this ,90% I do not know! …

Colleagues are awesome , Wrote a hidden bug!

Write a global variable bug, Being slapped in the face by colleagues !

My day !xx.equals(null) What kind of operation ??

Just finished sorting algorithm , He was fired …

Introduction and application of recursive algorithm Java Practical application

Java Can achieve the timing task 3 Methods !

Colleagues don't understand isEmpty and isBlank The difference between

Oh my god !Java Medium xx ≠ null What is the new grammar ?

Java Multithreading

Several important concepts of multithreading

Implementation of multithreading 3 Ways of planting

A diagram to understand the state and life cycle of threads

Deadlock in multithreading 、 Live lock 、 hunger 、 unlocked

Multithread deadlock case , Deadlock solution

Full parsing of thread pool

Teach you how to monitor the running state of thread pool

volatile Keyword parsing

Multithreading : Atomicity 、 visibility 、 Orderliness

Share a weird " visibility " problem

The multithreading << The guardian thread >> actual combat

Multithreaded concurrent artifact - ThreadLocal

Concurrency control countdown timer - CountDownLatch

Concurrency control loop - CyclicBarrier

how " grace " Terminate a thread automatically ?

Multithreading sleep and wait Of 5 Differences

Multithread waiting join Use and principle

Task parallel artifact :Fork & Join Detailed explanation framework

A multithreaded safety interview question with high appearance rate

Article, understand Java Thread the interrupt

A tough interview question :i++ Is it thread safe ?

The interview will be asked - Several thread safe Map analysis

Java Multithreading can be grouped , I can still play like this !

Multithreading start and run What's the difference between methods ?

Multithreading Thread.yield What's the use of this method ?

Three methods of multithreading communication , Do you really know how to use ?

Interviews often test :Synchronized There are several uses ?

A multithreaded safety interview question with high appearance rate

What exactly is reentry lock , please , Make it clear at once !

Thread hibernation only uses Thread.sleep?

The interviewer asked about thread safety List, I'll never be afraid of it again !

FastThreadLocal What the hell is it ?

SimpleDateFormat Why not thread safe ?

Java New features

JDK 17 Release ,Oracle Announce the start of official free ..

JDK 16 Official release , One time release 17 A new feature …

Java 15 Official release , 14 A new feature !!

Java 15 Medium 3 What is the syntax of a double quotation mark ?

Java 14 Pattern matching of , A great new feature !

Java 14 Break in in full fury , This time, the null pointer has nowhere to hide !!

Java 14 Sacrifice the enhanced version switch, It's delicious !!

Java 14 Sacrifice code artifact ,Lombok It's going to be killed ?

Java 12 Operation , File comparison can still play like this !

Java 12 Operation , String I can play like this !

Java 12 Operation , switch I can play like this !

Java 11 Official release ,8 A new feature against the sky

Java 11 The published ,String I can still play like this !

Java 11 We're going to have , Compile and run a command

Java 10 Combat the first 1 piece : Local variable type inference

JDK 5 ~ 10 New features love sorting

JDK 10 Of 10 A new feature

JDK 9 New features in action : Simplify flow close new pose

JDK 8 Sorting method

JDK 8 The new features Lambda expression

JDK 8 Functional interface with new features

JDK 8 New feature method references

JDK 8 Interface default method and static method of new features

JDK 8 The new features Optional

JDK 8 Repeated notes on new features

JDK 8 The new features Stream flow

JDK 8 The new features Stream flow ( One ) Basic experience

JDK 8 The new features Stream flow ( Two ) Key knowledge points

JDK 8 The new features Stream flow ( 3、 ... and ) Reduction operation

JDK 8 The new features Stream flow ( Four ) Parallel flow

JDK 8 The new features Stream flow ( 5、 ... and ) mapping

JDK 8 The new features Stream flow ( 6、 ... and ) Collect information

JDK 8 The new features Stream flow ( 7、 ... and ) Stream and iterator

JDK 8 Extension of new features

Java 8 Wrote a piece of logic , I can't understand it

if else Too much ? Watch me use Java 8 Take it easy !

Java 8 compute , operation Map More relaxed !

Java 8 What is the difference between interfaces and abstract classes in ?

Java 8 Break everything you know about interfaces !

Java 8 establish Stream Of 10 Ways of planting

Java Advanced

class 、 Variable 、 block 、 Constructors 、 Inherit initialization order

Java Macro variables in , Macro replacement details

hashCode and identityHashCode The difference between

Customize ClassLoader Class loader

Explain profound theories in simple language Java Class loading mechanism

Java Get the class name from 3 Methods

IntegerCache The magic and pitfalls of

instanceof、isInstance The difference between

Correct amount calculation and storage in the financial system

Java Detailed explanation and solution of pseudo sharing in

Java A performance optimization strategy misguided by programmers

The interview asked me Java Escape analysis , He was killed in an instant ..

Out-of-service + String concatenation ? This time I'm going to hang the interviewer !

3 The operation of seeding , Let me show you Java Bytecode !

Crazy ! My colleague asked me why I couldn't use isXXX

java.lang.String Of + What exactly did operation No ?

Java 10 Big outfit B How to write it , After reading it, you can go out and boast !

This Mid Autumn Festival , I use Java Painted a moon cake !

You only use it split? try StringTokenizer!!


Tencent has opened its own Tencent JDK——Kona!!

Huawei finally opened its own Huawei JDK—— Bi Sheng JDK!

Inventory 6 One eliminated Java technology , They all used to be beautiful !

Inventory 35 individual Apache Top projects , I admire …

The stack leader is trying to update ....

This article will be updated for a long time , We keep on focusing on the official account of WeChat :Java Technology stack .

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