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One 、 Business needs

   You need to implement a business that notifies users to do something 20 minutes in advance , The easiest way to get this business is to use Redis monitor Key value : When scheduling, calculate the difference between the current time and 20 minutes in advance , Then use a unique business Key Push the Redis And set the expiration time , Then just let Redis Monitor this Key value , When this Key You can get this directly after it expires Key And then realize business such as sending messages .

   About Redis I have taken a note before realizing the specific implementation of the business , If you are interested, you can go and have a look , But now I feel there are many shortcomings .

       Redis Realize timing :

Two 、Redis Deficiencies in realizing functions such as timing push

   because Redis You're not the only one using , Other businesses will also use Redis, Then one of the easiest shortcomings to think of is :1、 If there are a lot of other businesses at the moment of reminder Key It's overdue , Then you won't be able to turn this for a long time Key, There will be disadvantages such as message push delay ;2、 Another disadvantage is that Alibaba cloud's Redis There is no support for Redis Of Key Worth monitoring ( I also use Alibaba cloud Redis No way Key Monitoring was used before Redis Monitoring is transferred to use RocketMQ Delayed message push ...)

3、 ... and 、 Alibaba cloud RocketMQ timing / Delayed message queuing implementation

   In fact, the implementation is very simple

1、 First, go to Alibaba cloud console to create the required message queue resources , Including message queuing RocketMQ Example 、Topic、Group ID (GID), And what authentication needs AccessKey(AK), Generally, companies have ready-made products that can be used directly .
2、 stay springboot project pom.xml Add required dependencies .
<!-- Alibaba cloud MQ TCP-->
3、 In the corresponding environment File configuration parameters
accessKey: XXXXXXXX Use your own
secretKey: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Use your own
nameSrvAddr: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Use your own
topic: XXXXXXX Use your own
groupId: XXXXXXX Use your own
tag: XXXXXXXXX Use your own
4、 encapsulation MQ Configuration class
import com.aliyun.openservices.ons.api.PropertyKeyConst;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Primary; import java.util.Properties;
* @Description: MQ Configuration class
* @Author: zhouhong
* @Date: 2021/8/4
@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "console.rocketmq.tcp")
public class PatrolMqConfig { private String accessKey;
private String secretKey;
private String nameSrvAddr;
private String topic;
private String groupId;
private String tag;
private String orderTopic;
private String orderGroupId;
private String orderTag; public Properties getMqPropertie() {
Properties properties = new Properties();
properties.setProperty(PropertyKeyConst.AccessKey, this.accessKey);
properties.setProperty(PropertyKeyConst.SecretKey, this.secretKey);
properties.setProperty(PropertyKeyConst.NAMESRV_ADDR, this.nameSrvAddr);
return properties;
public String getAccessKey() {
return accessKey;
public void setAccessKey(String accessKey) {
this.accessKey = accessKey;
public String getSecretKey() {
return secretKey;
public void setSecretKey(String secretKey) {
this.secretKey = secretKey;
public String getNameSrvAddr() {
return nameSrvAddr;
public void setNameSrvAddr(String nameSrvAddr) {
this.nameSrvAddr = nameSrvAddr;
public String getTopic() {
return topic;
public void setTopic(String topic) {
this.topic = topic;
public String getGroupId() {
return groupId;
public void setGroupId(String groupId) {
this.groupId = groupId;
public String getTag() {
return tag;
public void setTag(String tag) {
this.tag = tag;
public String getOrderTopic() {
return orderTopic;
public void setOrderTopic(String orderTopic) {
this.orderTopic = orderTopic;
public String getOrderGroupId() {
return orderGroupId;
public void setOrderGroupId(String orderGroupId) {
this.orderGroupId = orderGroupId;
public String getOrderTag() {
return orderTag;
public void setOrderTag(String orderTag) {
this.orderTag = orderTag;
5、 Configure producers
import com.aliyun.openservices.ons.api.bean.ProducerBean;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration; @Configuration
public class PatrolProducerClient { @Autowired
private PatrolMqConfig mqConfig;
@Bean(name = "ConsoleProducer", initMethod = "start", destroyMethod = "shutdown")
public ProducerBean buildProducer() {
ProducerBean producer = new ProducerBean();
return producer;
6、 Consumer subscription
import com.aliyun.openservices.ons.api.MessageListener;
import com.aliyun.openservices.ons.api.PropertyKeyConst;
import com.aliyun.openservices.ons.api.bean.ConsumerBean;
import com.aliyun.openservices.ons.api.bean.Subscription;
import lombok.extern.slf4j.Slf4j;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Properties; // Add... To the project @Configuration annotation , So when the service starts consumer Also launched
public class PatrolConsumerClient { @Autowired
private PatrolMqConfig mqConfig; @Autowired
private MqTimeMessageListener messageListener; @Bean(initMethod = "start", destroyMethod = "shutdown")
public ConsumerBean buildConsumer() {
ConsumerBean consumerBean = new ConsumerBean();
// The configuration file
Properties properties = mqConfig.getMqPropertie();
properties.setProperty(PropertyKeyConst.GROUP_ID, mqConfig.getGroupId());
// Fix the number of consumer threads to 20 individual 20 As the default value
properties.setProperty(PropertyKeyConst.ConsumeThreadNums, "20");
// Subscribe to the relationship between
Map<Subscription, MessageListener> subscriptionTable = new HashMap<Subscription, MessageListener>();
Subscription subscription = new Subscription();
subscriptionTable.put(subscription, messageListener);
// Subscribe to multiple topic As set above
System.err.println(" Subscription succeeded !");
return consumerBean;
7、 Timing delay MQ Message monitoring consumption
* @Description: timing / Time delay MQ Message monitoring consumption
* @Author: zhouhong
* @Create: 2021-08-03 09:16
public class MqTimeMessageListener implements MessageListener {
private Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(this.getClass());
public Action consume(Message message, ConsumeContext context) {
System.err.println(" Got the news !!");" Received MQ news -- Topic:{}, tag:{},msgId:{} , Key:{}, body:{}",
message.getTopic(),message.getTag(),message.getMsgID(),message.getKey(),new String(message.getBody()));
try {
String msgTag = message.getTag(); // Message type
String msgKey = message.getKey(); // The business is unique id
switch (msgTag) {
case "XXXX":
// TODO Specific business implementation , Such as sending messages and other operations
System.err.println(" Push successful !!!!");
return Action.CommitMessage;
} catch (Exception e) {
logger.error(" consumption MQ The news failed ! msgId:" + message.getMsgID()+"----ExceptionMsg:"+e.getMessage());
// Consumption failure , Tell the server to post the message later , Continue to consume other news
return Action.ReconsumeLater;
8、 Encapsulate a delay / Tool class of timing message
* @Description: MQ Send message assistant
* @Author: zhouhong
* @Create: 2021-08-03 09:06
public class ProducerUtil {
private Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ProducerUtil.class);
private PatrolMqConfig config;
@Resource(name = "ConsoleProducer")
ProducerBean producerBean;
public SendResult sendTimeMsg(String msgTag,byte[] messageBody,String msgKey,long delayTime) {
Message msg = new Message(config.getTopic(),msgTag,msgKey,messageBody);
return this.send(msg,Boolean.FALSE);
* Send and distribute ordinary messages
* @param msg news
* @param isOneWay One way delivery or not
private SendResult send(Message msg,Boolean isOneWay) {
try {
if(isOneWay) {
// Because in oneway No request response processing when sending message by , In case of message sending failure , It will cause data loss due to no retry .
// If the data cannot be lost , Synchronous or asynchronous transmission mode is recommended .
success(msg, " One-way message MsgId No return ");
return null;
}else {
// Reliable synchronous transmission
SendResult sendResult = producerBean.send(msg);
// Get send results , Send successfully without throwing exception
if (sendResult != null) {
success(msg, sendResult.getMessageId());
return sendResult;
}else {
return null;
} catch (Exception e) {
return null;
private ExecutorService threads = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(3);
private void error(Message msg,Exception e) {
logger.error(" send out MQ The news failed -- Topic:{}, Key:{}, tag:{}, body:{}"
,msg.getTopic(),msg.getKey(),msg.getTag(),new String(msg.getBody()));
logger.error("errorMsg --- {}",e.getMessage());
private void success(Message msg,String messageId) {" send out MQ The news is successful -- Topic:{} ,msgId:{} , Key:{}, tag:{}, body:{}"
,msg.getTopic(),messageId,msg.getKey(),msg.getTag(),new String(msg.getBody()));
9、 The interface test (10000 Express delay 10 second , You can calculate according to your business )
//  test MQ Time delay 
ProducerUtil producerUtil;
public void mqTime(){
" Hello duck !!!".getBytes(),
" Flaming and trance !!",
System.currentTimeMillis() + 10000
10、 result
2021-08-04 22:07:12.677  INFO 17548 --- [nio-8498-exec-2] c.h.i.i.s.m.common.util.ProducerUtil     :  send out MQ The news is successful  -- Topic:TID_COMMON ,msgId:C0A80168448C2F0E140B14322CB30000 , Key: Flaming and trance !!, tag:SMARTPATROL, body: Hello duck !!!
Got the news !!
Push successful !!!!
2021-08-04 22:07:22.179 INFO 17548 --- [MessageThread_1] c.h.i.i.s.m.m.t.n.MqTimeMessageListener : Received MQ news -- Topic:TID_COMMON, tag:SMARTPATROL,msgId:0b17f2e71ebd1b054c2c156f6d1d1655 , Key: Flaming and trance !!, body: Hello duck !!!

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