One . Problems in concurrent scenarios

Compared to serial processing , Concurrent transaction processing can significantly improve the transaction throughput of the database 、 Improve resource utilization . stay MySQL Practical application , Depending on the scene , It can be divided into the following categories :

  • Read concurrent
  • Read write concurrency
  • Write concurrent

In these scenarios , There may be a loss of updates 、 Dirty reading 、 Non repeatability 、 The problem of unreal reading .

  • Update missing : When multiple transactions update a 1/n Line data , The last committed transaction will override the previously committed update .
  • Dirty reading : A transaction is inserting / Update a row of data , Before the transaction is committed , This data is in “ atypism ” state . Other transactions read this “ Dirty data ” Based on this, further treatment is carried out , This creates a dependency on uncommitted data , This phenomenon is called dirty reading .
  • It can't be read repeatedly : A transaction queries a piece of data after a certain period of time , But found that the data has been updated or deleted , This phenomenon is known as unrepeatable reading .
  • Fantasy reading : A transaction queries data twice with the same query criteria , The second query result shows new data that the first query didn't have , This is called Unreal reading .

among , The problems in various concurrency scenarios are as follows :

  • Reading concurrency scenarios does not cause data inconsistency , Therefore, no special treatment is required .
  • Dirty reading may occur in read-write concurrency scenarios 、 It can't be read repeatedly 、 The problem of unreal reading .
  • Writing concurrent scenarios may result in the loss of updates .

Two . Transaction isolation level

In view of the problems described above ,MySQL Different transaction isolation levels are used to solve some of the above problems , As follows :

Isolation level meaning Read data consistency Update missing Dirty reading It can't be read repeatedly Fantasy reading
Read uncommitted (Read Uncommitted) Changes in transactions , Even if it's not submitted , It's still visible to other things . The lowest level , We can only guarantee that we will not read physically damaged data .   no   yes     yes   yes  
Read submitted (Read Committed) Only changes made by the submitted firm are visible to other transactions . Sentence level   no no yes yes
Repeatable (Repeatable Read ) The result of reading the same record multiple times in the same transaction is consistent . Transaction level   no no no no
Serialization (Serializable) Lock every line read , Force transactions to execute serially , Concurrency is not supported . Transaction level   no   no   no no

In the above isolation levels , From top to bottom, concurrency performance decreases in turn , Security is improved in turn .InnoDB The default transaction isolation level in the storage engine is RR, Through the following SQL Query transaction isolation level .

select @@global.tx_isolation;

3、 ... and . Implementation of transaction isolation level

InnoDB Implementation of transaction isolation level , Basically can be divided into the following two or a combination of two :

1. Multi version concurrency control (MVCC,Multiversion Currency Control)

MVCC It can be used to solve the problem of dirty reading in the context of read-write concurrency 、 Unrepeatable read problem . Specific applications under different isolation levels are as follows :

  • RC: It can solve the problem of dirty reading .
  • RR: It can solve the problem of dirty reading 、 Unrepeatable read problem .

Specific implementation can refer to here , Here is a simple supplement to the article in the link :

Compare with RC,RR The reason why it can solve the problem of non repeatable reading , The reason lies in RR Read at isolation level Read-View It's transaction level ,RC It's statement level . namely :RR Read only once at the beginning of a transaction Read-View, So multiple queries in a transaction depend on the same Read-View, Can achieve repeatable reading .RC Each query under the level is read      Abreast of the times Read-View, There is no guarantee that the read in the same transaction will be sequential Read-View It's the same , This is also the reason why there are differences in the data read one after another .

2. lock

A lock is a mechanism by which a computer coordinates multiple processes or threads to access a resource concurrently . How to ensure the consistency of data concurrent access in database 、 Validity is a problem that all databases must solve , Lock conflicts are also an important factor affecting the performance of concurrent database access . From this perspective , Lock is very important for data .

Lock can solve the problem of unreal reading in the situation of concurrent reading and writing described above 、 The problem of update loss in the scenario of concurrent writing . The following is about locks 、 The types of locks and their application scenarios are described in detail .

2.1 The basic principle of lock

duplicate key check When checking, you need to add... To the secondary unique index gap lock( edition :5.6 Before ,5.7.26-29 Then add record lock)

Deadlock scenarios :

  • Business 1,2 All get a line of data s After locking , All want to get x lock .
  • Business 1,2 After obtaining a certain clearance lock , Want to insert , That is to add the insert intent lock .
  • Business 1,2 Operate on the same data . Due to different search conditions , Business 1,2 The cluster index and secondary index are locked respectively , Then transaction 1 Unable to operate secondary index ( Delete first , Insert again ), Business 2 Unable to operate cluster index , There's a deadlock .( Reference resources

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