1.g  it clone git@name:server/BM/APPS.git

be BM_APPS.git The project has been downloaded to the current directory , At this time git@name:server/BM/APPS.git Just your own origin library .

2. Define an alias for your warehouse

For the convenience of later operation , You can define an alias for your warehouse :

#git remote add fork git@name:dev/zhangsan/BM/APPS.git

3.checkout Switch to the current development branch , As a branch of work

git checkout origin/dev_sp4 -b dev_sp4 ( It can also be

Equivalent to two commands :git branch dev_sp4// Create a branch first     Again  git checkout dev_sp4)

4. Take the current branch push To git Server Upper fork In the library

#git push fork dev_sp4

At this time BM_APPS.git The project is the developer zhangsan Own warehouse , It's like starting from git@name:server/BM/APPS.git in fork Coming out .

5. In the local dev_sp4 Develop on branch , Synchronize code before development

git pull origin dev_sp4

Developers develop locally ( newly build / Modify file ) And submit (commit).

git add .

git commit -a -m "<san_zhang@audiencetouch.com><BMS-749><dev><2011/05/03>fix BMS-749"

6. The general development process is as follows :

When developers have new submissions , Need to submit push To your own fork In the library , The operation is as follows :

A. see origin On dev_sp4 Modification record of branch :

#git fetch origin dev_sp4

B. Compare with local dev_sp4 Has the branch changed :

#git diff origin/dev_sp4

C. If there is a change, it is necessary to establish a temporary branch to merge and modify :

#git branch dev_sp4_tmp

#git checkout dev_sp4_tmp

#git rebase origin/dev_sp4  This is the merging of remote content into the current branch ( At present, it is tmp Branch )

D. If there is a conflict, resolve the conflict and submit again :

The general process is :

git rebase origin/dev_sp5 // There is a conflict synchronizing the latest code
git status // View conflict files
vi conflict_files // Fix conflict file
git add // Add the file back to the index
git commit // Re submit code
git rebase --skip // Skip previous conflicting commit
git rebase --continue // continue rebase, Until completion

E. take merge This part of the changes are incorporated locally dev_sp4 Branch :

#git checkout dev_sp4

#git merge dev_sp4_tmp

It can be seen that on the whole , Download the main library first (fetch origin) To local dev Branch (rebase), After developing on this branch , With submission (add,commit after ). Can't submit ( There may be changes in the general database , Someone else submitted ), Then fetch General library , Merge into a new tmp Branch , After dealing with conflict , Update the contents of the general library , Merge into the true Branch (checkout
True branch , then rebase perhaps merge tmp Will do ), Finally delete tmp

F. If there is no conflict, delete the temporary Branch :

#git branch --d dev_sp4_tmp

G. Push code to the server fork library :

#git push fork dev_sp4

Finally, tell the administrator to merge the code by email or other means .

aso project git library :

see cat .git/config after


        repositoryformatversion = 0

        filemode = true

        bare = false

        logallrefupdates = true

[remote "origin"]

        url = git@repo.allfuck.com:aso

        fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

[branch "master"]

        remote = origin

        merge = refs/heads/master

[branch "waterforest"]

        remote = origin

        merge = refs/heads/waterforest

url It's an internal agent name . My machine is an intranet machine , You can directly access the server specified by the proxy name with .

I want to change to reality ip Address , It's going to the server , Look up the corresponding conversion name .

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