I've been lazy lately , I haven't blogged for a long time . Today, I met this wonderful problem in the project , be based on ionic Of ios Of hybird APP Can't use focus() Getting focus and keyboard issues .

problem : be based on ionic Of ios Of hybird APP Can't use focus() Getting focus and keyboard issues .

My code is as follows :


 .directive('focusMe', function($timeout) {
return {
link: function(scope, element) {
$timeout(function() {


 <input focus-me type="search"   placeholder=" Search for ">

Such a simple piece of code , stay chrome The above debugging is normal , However, in ios I just can't get out .

Looking for solutions

And then I started google、baidu History , Flying in the ocean of knowledge , See a lot of strange phenomena , And it didn't solve my problem .

It's like  http://twilight.btlogs.com/how-to-focus-html-input-element-with-javascript-on-ios-and-android-mobile-safari/

It's mainly about , Only in functions that listen for user triggered time focus Only useful , You can click in and have a look .

I tried , Find this for hybird App It doesn't work either .

But it could be in the ordinary ios,html5 The page will take effect , I didn't try to , Please tell me if you have tried .

I wrote something like this , The following is also in line with what they said :

 .directive('focusMe', function($timeout) {
return {
link: function(scope, element) {
$timeout(function() {
},300); }


original , stay App Configuration file for (config.xml), There is a default sentence in it

 <preference name="KeyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction" value="true" />

The general meaning of this is , The display of the keyboard needs to be triggered by the user , And it's set to true Of !!!

Now you know how to do it , Only need to value To change the value of false, Everything is settled .

 1 <preference name="KeyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction" value="false" />

Recently, I've been studying for a degree es6 grammar , It may be updated later es6 Learning notes of , If you are interested, let's discuss it together !


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