vue My choice lies in react And angular Between , The grammar of the frame itself is better than react A little more , But more than angular A little less .

It's also because of the different choices , The way of writing and thinking will be different , Good or bad , But it certainly leads to different preferences .

react The simple thing is , The core of it API In fact, very few . So we'll see a lot of places saying react It's actually a UI library , It's not a complete framework . He just tells us how to create components and how to transfer data between components . Even the way to create components is to use ES6 Of class grammar (createClass Will be in react 16 To be discarded ).

So in development react The use of for ES6 The syntax dependence of is very high . because react There isn't much restrictive grammar in itself . We just need to master the props,state,ref, Life cycle , It's like there's not too much extra knowledge . Even if you want to be in jsx Template to traverse the rendering , You have to use the native map Method . and react High level components of , After understanding, I found that , In fact, that is JavaScript The way of thinking involved in functional programming .

So in my opinion ,react The most important feature of the Chinese language is that it is simple and original JavaScript Very close to . That is, there are very few restrictions on developers . The realization of a function , If you know how to use native JavaScript How to achieve , Then you will be able to easily know how to use react How to achieve .

Of course , The core API Simplicity doesn't mean it's easy . At the beginning of use , If you lack experience , Then you use react Written pages , Performance can be very poor . Because the unconscious , Your component may have a lot of extra rendering .

For example, a lot of people are learning react When , You'll get an example of a countdown , This example uses the modify component state The way to achieve . But in fact, later on, you will know , This is a very wrong way . because state Every modification of , Will cause the component and all its subcomponents to re render . It's a very expensive behavior . Of course , I also know a lot of people , In the debug react When , Due to the high frequency of repeated rendering, the browser is directly blocked . These problems are caused by the lack of restrictions that you Yuxi is worried about .

There are people on the Internet who think they are powerful , With the react/vue Such a framework , Actually it says shi Same code , The horror is that they still taunt this and that . And I met someone , I kept saying that I used it angular many years , say angular It's really rubbish , Poor performance , All kinds of black , Result company track by It doesn't work . drink !

and react Because there is no real bi-directional binding . So it's very troublesome to deal with some complex scenes , For example, complex form validation .

And relatively speaking ,vue The ability to provide is a little more , These convenient abilities will make beginners feel very happy , Because a lot of effects can be achieved with simple code . I'd like to list a few abilities that I personally think are great :

  • Unified management of computing properties

JavaScript It's very convenient , Whether it's vue still react, The ability to express is essential . But as vue Official documents say , Putting too much logic in a template makes it too heavy and difficult to maintain . and vue Provides a calculated property to manage expressions in a unified way .


<div id="example">
<p>Original message: "{{ message }}"</p>
<p>Computed reversed message: "{{ reversedMessage }}"</p>
</div> </template> <script> export default {
name: 'example',
data () {
return {
message: 'Hello'
computed: {
reversedMessage: function() {
return this.message.split('').reverse().join('')
} </script>
  • class It's a great dynamic grammar for me

In practice, we will find many such scenes , An element needs to be determined according to different states class The specific value of . And if it's just a simple expression or conditional judgment in jsx In the template , For example, the following will make people feel very uncomfortable

<p className={active ? 'note active' : 'note'}></p>

When a little more complicated logic is handled in this way, it is unbearable . and vue It's very easy to solve this problem by using the rules supported in .

//  It can be placed anywhere you feel comfortable 
const pcls = {
active: active,
note: true
} <p class={pcls}></p>

So we continue to add more class Names don't cause extra complexity .

Of course , This is just a problem that can be solved by a tool method , In the use of react when , You can use classnames To do the same thing . but vue It's direct support .

  • Two way binding

because react Bidirectional binding is not supported , So it's very painful to implement in complex form validation . and vue While taking one-way data flow as the core , I didn't abandon bi-directional binding completely , This makes development more efficient in such a complex form verification scenario than react It's a lot higher . This is also vue One aspect of saving trouble .

  • Modifier

When we write event handling logic , Often e.preventDefault Wait for the operation .vue The provided modifier function can help us save the code , It's very convenient . If you use too much, you will find that , really TM To use .

<!--  Prevent click events from bubbling  -->
<a v-on:click.stop="doThis"></a>
<!-- Submit event no longer reloads page -->
<form v-on:submit.prevent="onSubmit"></form>
<!-- Modifiers can be concatenated -->
<a v-on:click.stop.prevent="doThat"></a>
<!-- Only modifiers -->
<form v-on:submit.prevent></form>
<!-- Use event capture mode when adding event listeners -->
<div v-on:click.capture="doThis">...</div>
<!-- Only when the event is in the element itself ( Not the sub elements ) Trigger callback when triggered -->
<div v-on:click.self="doThat">...</div>

Of course , There are also key modifiers and so on , You can go to the official website for further study .

vue There are lots of convenient and lovely grammar candy , Don't go into details , You can experience it one by one on the official website . As the article begins ,vue There will be some grammatical restrictions , And these syntactic constraints reduce our development costs to some extent , Improved development efficiency . That's probably why many people think that vue Why it's easier to learn .

In terms of the difficulty of learning ,react It's more difficult to get started , The main reason is not that react In itself , It's about react The rich ecosystem of . It is because of react It's simple enough , So what we need to master react More components . such as react-router,react-redux etc. . And a lot of things that are easy to use , We didn't even know when we didn't have a wide range of functions . For example, I am learning ant-design Source code time , I'm often surprised to find that there is a component here that can be used in this way , It's really great ! And I'm learning vue I'll be surprised to find that , It turns out that such a wonderful component vue Direct support has been given !

So I found out later , original vue And react Since it's so similar .

I still prefer react. But just because react The grammar of is closer to ES6 nothing more

If you have any problems in the learning process or want to obtain learning resources , Welcome to the learning exchange group
343599877, Let's learn the front end together !

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