1. Primordial API

There's no official offer here bulk API, It's a different way .

POST /infomations/infomations/_update_by_query
JSON Request format 
"query": {
"match": {
"status": "UP_SHELF"
"script": {
"inline": "ctx._source['status'] = 'DOWN_SHELF'"
POST request / Indexes / Document name /_update_by_query

 Mainly take a look at the following script

ctx._source[ Field name ] = “ value ”;ctx._source[ Field name ] = “ value ”;
If there are more than one, separate them with semicolons .

2.JAVA API operation

        // Cluster pattern , For a link 
Client client = elasticsearchTemplate.getClient();

UpdateByQueryRequestBuilder updateByQuery = UpdateByQueryAction.INSTANCE.newRequestBuilder(client);
String name = " Modify the value ";
updateByQuery.source(" Indexes ")
// Query the result set to modify
.filter(QueryBuilders.termQuery("field", 412))
// Modify the operating
.script(new Script( "ctx._source['field']='"+ name+"';ctx._source['field']='"+name+"'"));
// Response result set
BulkByScrollResponse response = updateByQuery.get();
long updated = response.getUpdated();

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