BuildPath We only support joining jar file , The specific method is as follows :
stay eclips Right click on the project name ->build path->contigure bud path->java build path There is a

add external jars = Add the package outside the project
add jars = Add project outsourcing
add library = Add a library
add class folder = Add a class folder

The following highlights add library Medium User Libraries
add to User Library, The specific methods are as follows :
1. Right click the project ->build path->Add Libraries...
2. choice User Library->next
3. Click on User Library Button
4. Click on new Button
5. Input Library name( What I want to import is struts 2.1.6 Of jar Bao He jdbc Of jar package , For the convenience of memory , It can be used as Struts 2.1.6 Library)
6. Click on ok
7. Select this user library, And then click add jars
8. To find the corresponding jar package , Just confirm in turn .

User  Liberary Add to Eclipse in , It's just eclipse Enter into force , It's just Eclipse Know where the referenced classes are , But if you want to web The project started normally ,
To tell Tomcat Equal container , Yours jar Where is the bag ( Put it in lib Under the table of contents , The container knows ). So that's what happened , stay eclipse China Canada user library , Just to tune
try , Don't join the user library ,eclipse Can't find import Class , It's going to be red X Number , Don't put JAR Put the bag in lib Next , Capacity cannot find the introduced class , You're going to report a mistake .
add jar and add external jars And add library in User Libraries Is the difference between the :
adopt “add jar” and “add external jars” Added jar Packages are packaged as part of the program into the final program . adopt “User Libraries” Added jar The bag is not .

About Jar package build path The role of :
jar Bags can't be in random places . Whether it's Java Application still Java Web Application .
Java Virtual machine is based on Java ClassLoader( Class loader ) Decide how to , Go there and load Class :
The reason why we put jar bag classPath Next , It's because there is ClassPath ClassLoader
The reason why we can't be here ClassPath Specify some Jar package , But in Java It can also be used in the program .
That's because of ClassPath ClassLoader Is responsible for loading . Such as jrd Under the table of contents jre\lib\*.jar
The reason why we put Jar Put in bags webroot Under the lib Folder , And it can be used in our program , It's the container that implements its own ClassLoader.(Web Middleware server class loading mechanism and sun Provided by the company 3 The default loader is different .)
So can I load Jar, Where to load Jar, It's based on ClassLoader Decisive

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