Android Studio 2.2.2 Released . Include  canary, dev, beta, and stable These series .

This version fixes Android Studio 2.2.1 Top of the list bug, The update is as follows :

Fix the problem

  • Instant Run bug fixes

  • Gradle Plug-in Bug fixes

  • 32-bit JDK for use on 32-bit Windows

New characteristics

  • Android API 25 Support - Basic support for API 25 inside Android Studio to support the Android 7.1 developer preview. We know there are still a few more updates inside Android Studio before we set API 25 as the default.

  • Expanded reporting when reporting Instant Run issues - When reporting an instant run issue we now collect

Windows IDE: (423.7 MiB)

Windows bundle with SDK: (1.6 GiB)

Mac: (440.4 MiB)

SHA-1 Checksums:
2e89fed3601e5bd19112c29c172cb29be3b34f8e android-studio-ide-145.3360264-windows.exe
d879e4bf8cd2530dfa6cc7e176d72bb8dfd37b41 android-studio-bundle-145.3360264-windows.exe
2e89fed3601e5bd19112c29c172cb29be3b34f8e android-studio-ide-145.3360264-mac.dmg

Zip file Yuede fortune :
64-bit Windows: (445.5 MiB)

New 32-bit Windows: (444.7 MiB)

Mac: (446.1 MiB)

Linux: (445.1 MiB)

SHA-1 Checksums:

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