Oracle Management of data objects and data in , No doubt it's all using PL/SQL Developer To manage , The tool also provides us with a lot of convenience 、 Quick operation , Make us no longer for Oracle Ugly in itself 、 Hard to use UI And complain . Because we usually build tables 、 The operation of checking data is in the majority , Less consideration will be given to the whole system Oracle Full backup operation of . But in some of our publishing operations , We have to think about how to put Oracle The object of 、 Export table data to Sql Script , And create Oracle Table space 、 establish Oracle The operation of the database is also put into the script , So we can quickly restore or deploy Oracle The database is on the new machine .

This article mainly introduces how to combine Sql Scripts and PL/SQL Developer Tool to create a table space 、 Create database 、 Backup database 、 Data export and other operations , Then implement Oracle objects creating 、 Import data and other operations , So that we can quickly understand 、 Create the required deployment Sql Scripts and database operations .

1、 Prepare the database creation script

create tablespace whc_tbs datafile 'E:\oracle\oradata\whcdb\whc.dbf' size 100M;
create user whc identified by whc default tablespace whc_tbs;
grant connect ,resource to whc;
grant dba to whc;
--Revoke dba from whc;

among -- The comment statement for is to delete the namespace and remove DBA The user's rights are .

The above scripts are for us to create a new table space and Oracle It's used in the database .

among E:\oracle\oradata\whcdb\whc.dbf The path is where we want to store the database data , Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the path has enough space and sufficient access rights , Otherwise it will fail .

2、 Export database objects

stay PL/SQL Developer Menu for Tools=>Export User Objects A dialog interface appears in the , And then box it everywhere Oracle Database objects , Including table , Sequence , stored procedure , View , Function, etc. , And specify the name of the exported file , Do the following .

3) Export table data

After exporting table structure and other objects , Our next step is to export the table data of the database ,PL/SQL Developer The tool supports exporting data to PL/SQL In the database script , As shown below . The script exported like this , We can do it in PL/SQL Developer Tool import or own through Sql plus Tools to import .

thus , We've finished three scripts , Including creating database space and database scripts 、 establish Oracle Database objects ( surface 、 stored procedure 、 View 、 Sequence, etc )、 Create scripts to import data , So three in one , It's a complete database . The last step is how to import database objects and data .

4) Import database objects and data

Importing database objects is the same as importing data , Both can pass Import Tables Operation implementation , We specify the database script created in the above two steps , Execute to create database objects and database data in a new environment . As shown below .

The executed data interface is as follows .

Complete the above steps , We're in a new database environment , You have everything , Successfully complete the whole Oracle Database object and data migration .

It is worth noting that , We export Oracle Objects and data , Default or original Oracle Database table space and database user name , If we want to specify different table spaces and database user objects in the new database server , So we need to replace the generated sql Script , And in the first step, specify a reasonable table space and database user .

If it is Linux Database server under the platform , The first step is the same , The path name of the specified table space is slightly different , There is no difference in other operations .

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