windows Server basic management and service construction

****windows Server system version :2000 2003 2008 2012

1. User and group management

user : Account = account number / user name + password
Each account has its own unique SID
Account password storage location :c:\windows\system32\config\SAM Brute force / Storehouse

windows On the system , The default password is valid for up to 42 God

Local users have built-in accounts by default :
1) Accounts for people to use :
administrator Administrator account
guest Guest account
2) The system account number related to the computer service component
system System accounts == Authority is supreme
local services Local service account = Permissions are equal to ordinary users
network services Network service account = Permissions are equal to ordinary users

Each user has his own profile :c:\ user
c:\Documents and Settings

Different accounts have different permissions !
Give permissions to different accounts , That is, for those who don't have an account SID Grant authority !
see sid value :whoami /user

command :
net user View the list of users
net user user name password Change password
net user user name password /add Create a new user
net user user name /del

Group management :
1. The role of the group : Simplify the authorization . user --- Group --- Grant authority
user --- Grant authority

2. Built in groups : The permission of built-in group has been given by the system by default .
1)administrators : Administrators group
2)guests: guests
3)users: Common user groups , All new users belong to this group by default
4)network Network configuration group
5)print Printer group
6)Remote Desktop Remote desktop group

3. command :
net localgroup View the list of groups
net localgroup Group name View members of this group
net localgroup Group name /add Create a new group
net localgroup Group name user name /add Add users to groups
net localgroup Group name user name /del Kick users out of the group
net localgroup Group name /del Delete the group

practice :
1. Graphics and command line , Practice adding users and groups separately , Delete and other operations

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