Help order :        xxx
--help        man
List the directories and files in the current directory :        ls 
      ls -l     
  ls --help        ls -m
Directory jump :        cd /dev 
Print the current directory name :     
Build directory :     
  mkdir xxx
Delete directory :     
  rmdir xxx        rmdir -r
xxx Recursive delete         rmdir -rf xxx
Force recursive deletion
Create an empty file :     
  touch xxx    Linux It doesn't make sense from the technology corner .
Copy :     
  cp 1 2 hold 1 Copy file into 2        cp
-r d1 d2 Copy the directory to d2
Move :     
  mv  ditto
Read code : First run —〉 Understand business logic —〉 read jsp page —〉 Which database to get data from
debug: Remove part of —〉 Operational observation issues
vi Two modes : Command mode     Edit mode
command :
a add to
esc: Switch to command mode
w Save
q sign out
q! Exit Without Saving
wq Save and exit
dd Delete a line
dw Delete the whole word
o Insert a row
O Insert a line up
[ Google vi Common commands ]
[vi You don't have to use the keyboard ]
more 3.txt     
  The reverse
cat 3.txt     
  positive sequence
head -3 3.txt    Output countdown 3 That's ok
find Find out in what order the files are
= Don't be obsessed with cleanliness =
= Looking for good books , The top book selling websites must be good books =
= It's no use buying books , It's out of date when you buy it , Update too fast =
= It's better to look up English information =
find /etc -name *local Find the file in the specified directory
whereis ls     Find the directory where the command file is located
echo $PATH    View environment variables
=windows Separator ;   Linux、nuix :=
ln 3.txt 4     establish 3.txt link to 4 
  Hard links
ln -s 3.txt 5    Soft link
= Soft links are equivalent to Windows Next shortcut , Should link is equivalent to copying the file and creating a link between the two files =
= Designing your own experiment is also a key step in learning =
= Add users
useradd(adduser) testuser
cd /home    There will be one more home directory
password testuser    Specify user name and password
testuser    User password
cd /etc    Look at the extra files
more passwd    All users are stored here  
  User home directory     user Shell
Add user group information in more group
Add a new group by default
groupadd testg    Add a new group
useradd testuser2 -g testuser    Create a new user , Add to a group
usermod -g testg testuser    Add a user to a group
userdel    testuser 
  Delete user
The home directory is not deleted after the user is deleted , You need to manually delete the home directory
su testuser2    Switching users
When a new user logs in , The default path is the home directory .
= Important knowledge points —— File permissions
ls -l
first place
-    file
l    link
d    Catalog
The last nine are divided into three groups
r    Can be read
w    Can write
-    No authority
x    Can run
The first group , Owner of file
The second group , The owner of the file is the same as the rest of the group
The third group , The authority of the rest
chmod +x 3.txt 
  Add executable rights
chmod -x 3.txt    Remove executable permissions
chmod u+x 3.txt
chmod g+x 3.txt
chmod o+x 3.txt
chmod 777    Three octal numbers ,0 On behalf of no authority ,1 The representative has authority
chown testuser2 3.txt    Modify file owner
= File operations
wc    Counts the number of lines in the specified text file 、 Number of words 、 Number of characters
grep asdf 3.txt 
  Find which line of the file contains the string
stat    Display the information about the designated one
fdisk -l    Display disk information
locale    Displays the current language environment
uname    Display operating system information
dmesg    Display system startup information
= First time information is read from beginning to end
ls -Rl    By long file name list
ls -Rl /etc | more 
  Pagination display ....
The Conduit : Send the output of a command to a command , As input to another command     command 1| command 2| command 3
= Command substitution
wall character string     Inform everyone
wall myname
wall `date`    Command substitution  
  Output the result of the command
= Redirect
ls > 2.txt
more 2.txt    The content of the document is ls Output content
ls >> 2.txt
more 2.txt    Append content to file
lssss 2> 2.txt    Error redirection
vi aaa.txt
wall < aaa.txt    Redirect input

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