1. struts.xml Configuration constants , To cover struts.properties Default constant configuration in
In general , This configuration is placed in the struts.xml in , Don't put it in the xml in .
constant Elements and package It's the same level
<constant name="" value=""></constant>
</struts> 2. modular xml Profile import
<include file=" Of each module xml The configuration file "></include>
``` 3. Common constants
1) Development mode : modify struts.xml after , Don't have to restart Tomcat.
devMode Patterns are development patterns , Turn it on by default i18n.reload、configuration.xml.reload.
<constant name="struts.devMode" value="true" />
2) Set when struts After the profile of is modified , Does the system automatically reload the file : The default value is false( Use in production environment ), It is better to open the development stage
<constant name="struts.configuration.xml.reload" value="true"/>
3) Specifies that each request arrives , Reload resource file
<constant name="struts.i18n.reload" value="true"/>
4) Appoint XSLT Result Use style sheet caching
<constant name="struts.xslt.nocache" value="true"/>
5) Set up actionName The suffix : The default value is action, All matches *.action All requests are made by Struts2 Handle .
If the user needs to specify multiple request suffixes , Comma between suffixes (,) separate
<constant name="struts.action.extension" value="action,,"/>
6) Default view theme
<constant name="struts.ui.theme" value="simple" />
7) Set whether the browser caches static content : The default value is true( Use in production environment ), It is better to close the development phase
true: Indicates that there is a cache , false: There is no cache
<constant name="struts.serve.static.browserCache" value="false"/>
8) Set whether dynamic method calls are supported
<constant name="struts.enable.DynamicMethodInvocation" value="false"/>
9) Specify default encoding set , Act on HttpServletRequest Of setCharacterEncoding Method and freemarker 、velocity Output
<constant name="struts.i18n.encoding" value="UTF-8"/>
8)... 4. The elements
1)package: yes struts.xml Root element (strtus) Child elements . Used to manage multiple action Elements .
* The format is :
<package name="" extends="" namespace="" abstract="true/false">
* usage : One module is divided into one <package> Elements .
* Common properties :
- name: At present <package> Name of element , Multiple <package> Elemental name Cannot be the same .
- extends: Self defined <package> Element must inherit from package struts-default Or its sub package .
- namespace: Namespace , and actionName Together, they decided on a action Access path of , Similar to the role of a namespace in a program .
- abstract: At present <package> Whether the element is abstract .
If true, Then the current <package> You can't define action Elements , Can only be used by other <package> Inherited .
2)action: yes <package> Child element of element , Used for configuration Action class . Represents the configuration of a requested action : Find which method of which class .
* grammar :<action name="" class="" method="">
* Common properties :
- name: action The name of , The name and the current action Where package Of namespace Together determine the access path .
visit Action The format of :http://host:port/contextPath/namsspace/actionName[.action]
Be careful :action The name doesn't have /, In the same <package> Can't have the same name .
- class: Action The fully qualified name of the class , It means which one to put Action Object to Strtus2 Framework to manage .
class The default value of :com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport.
- method: At present action Which method needs to be executed .
method The default value of :execute.
3)result Elements : yes <action/> Child element of element , Indicates the corresponding action The results of the implementation of : `action Which page to output after execution `.
* Grammar format :<result name="" type=""></result>
* classification : First in the current Action In looking for , If you can't find it, look for it <global-results> Medium result, If you can't find → Report errors ;
- overall situation : Configure in <package> In the element <global-results> Elements inside ,<package> All under Action You can jump in .
- Local : Configure in <action> Elements inside , Only in the present Action Middle jump .
$ You need to configure it first global, Then you can configure action
* Common attributes and text :
- name attribute : The same action Medium result Of name Can't have the same name , The name Namely action method . The default value is :success.
- type attribute : Represents the jump mode of a resource ( Request forwarding /URL Redirect ...), These properties are stored in struts-default package . Default :dispatcher.
~ dispatcher: Request forwarding :(Action Request forwarding to JSP), Is the default value .
~ redirect: URL Redirect :(Action Redirect to JSP).
~ chain: Request forwarding :(Action Request forwarding to Action).
~ redirectAction: URL Redirect :(Action Redirect to Action).
~ stream: File download .
- innerText: Indicates the path to jump resources . -->

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