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1. Parcelable Interface

Interface for classes whose instances can be written to and restored from a Parcel. Classes implementing the Parcelable interface must also have a static field called CREATOR, which is an object implementing the Parcelable.Creator interface.

2. Realization Parcelable Just for serialization , that , Why serialize ?

1) Keep objects permanently , Save the byte sequence of the object to the local file ;

2) Passing objects through the network by serializing them ;

3) Passing objects between processes through serialization .

3. How to realize serialization

Android There are two options for implementing serialization in : One is to realize Serializable Interface ( yes JavaSE It's supported by itself ), One is to realize Parcelable Interface ( yes Android Unique features , Efficiency is better than achievement Serializable Efficient interface , Can be used for Intent Data transfer , It can also be used for interprocess communication (IPC)). Realization Serializable The interface is very simple , Just make a statement , To achieve Parcelable The interface is a little more complicated , But it's more efficient , This method is recommended to improve performance .

notes :Android in Intent There are two ways to pass objects : One is Bundle.putSerializable(Key,Object), The other is Bundle.putParcelable(Key,Object). Of course these Object There are certain conditions , The former is realized Serializable Interface , The latter is realized Parcelable Interface .

4. The principle of choosing serialization methods

1) When using memory ,Parcelable Than Serializable High performance , Therefore, it is recommended to use Parcelable.

2)Serializable A large number of temporary variables will be generated during serialization , So as to cause frequent GC.

3)Parcelable Can not be used in the case of data to be stored on disk , because Parcelable It can't guarantee the continuity of data in case of external changes . Even though Serializable Low efficiency , However, it is recommended to use Serializable .

5. Application scenarios

It needs to be in multiple parts (Activity or Service) Through between Intent Pass some data , Simple type ( Such as : Numbers 、 character string ) You can put it directly into Intent. Complex types must implement Parcelable Interface .

6Parcelable Interface definition

public interface Parcelable
// Content description interface , It doesn't matter
public int describeContents();
// Write interface functions , pack
public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags);
// Read interface , The aim is to start with Parcel Construct an implementation in Parcelable Instance processing of class . Because the implementation class is still unknown here , So you need to use templates , The inherited class name is passed in through the template parameter
// In order to pass in template parameters , Defined here Creator Embedded interface , Contains two interface functions that return single and multiple instances of inheritance classes
public interface Creator<T>
public T createFromParcel(Parcel source);
public T[] newArray(int size);

7、 Realization Parcelable step

1)implements Parcelable

2) rewrite writeToParcel Method , Serialize your object into a Parcel object , namely : Write the data of the class to the externally provided Parcel in , Package the data that needs to be delivered to Parcel Containers keep , So that Parcel Containers get data

3) rewrite describeContents Method , Content interface description , Default return 0 Can

4) Instantiate static internal objects CREATOR Implementation interface Parcelable.Creator

public static final Parcelable.Creator<T> CREATOR

notes : among public static final Not one less , Internal object CREATOR You can't change the name of , It has to be all in capitals . Two methods in this interface need to be rewritten :createFromParcel(Parcel in) from Parcel Read the pass data value in the container , Encapsulated into Parcelable Object returns to the logical layer ,newArray(int size) Create a type of T, The length is size Array of , Just one sentence (return new T[size]), For external class deserialization of this class array use .

In short : adopt writeToParcel Map your object to Parcel object , Re pass createFromParcel take Parcel Objects map to your objects . Can also be Parcel See it as a stream , adopt writeToParcel Write objects into the stream , Through createFromParcel Reading objects from the stream , It's just that this process needs you to do , So the order of writing and the order of reading must be the same .

The code is as follows :

public class MyParcelable implements Parcelable 
private int mData; public int describeContents()
return 0;
} public void writeToParcel(Parcel out, int flags)
} public static final Parcelable.Creator<MyParcelable> CREATOR = new Parcelable.Creator<MyParcelable>()
public MyParcelable createFromParcel(Parcel in)
return new MyParcelable(in);
} public MyParcelable[] newArray(int size)
return new MyParcelable[size];
}; private MyParcelable(Parcel in)
mData = in.readInt();

8Serializable Realization and Parcelabel The difference of realization

1)Serializable The implementation of the , It only needs implements  Serializable that will do . It's just a marker for the object , The system will automatically serialize it .

2)Parcelabel The implementation of the , Not only need implements  Parcelabel, You also need to add a static member variable to the class CREATOR, This variable needs to be implemented Parcelable.Creator Interface .

Compare the two codes :

1) establish Person class , Realization Serializable

public class Person implements Serializable
private static final long serialVersionUID = -7060210544600464481L;
private String name;
private int age; public String getName()
return name;
} public void setName(String name)
{ = name;
} public int getAge()
return age;
} public void setAge(int age)
this.age = age;

2) establish Book class , Realization Parcelable

public class Book implements Parcelable
private String bookName;
private String author;
private int publishDate; public Book()
{ } public String getBookName()
return bookName;
} public void setBookName(String bookName)
this.bookName = bookName;
} public String getAuthor()
return author;
} public void setAuthor(String author)
{ = author;
} public int getPublishDate()
return publishDate;
} public void setPublishDate(int publishDate)
this.publishDate = publishDate;
} @Override
public int describeContents()
return 0;
} @Override
public void writeToParcel(Parcel out, int flags)
} public static final Parcelable.Creator<Book> CREATOR = new Creator<Book>()
public Book[] newArray(int size)
return new Book[size];
} @Override
public Book createFromParcel(Parcel in)
return new Book(in);
}; public Book(Parcel in)
bookName = in.readString();
author = in.readString();
publishDate = in.readInt();

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