1. start-up namenode and datanode, stay master Enter the command on the hdsf dfsadmin -report View the operation of the whole cluster ( Remember to turn off the firewall )

2.  Enter command view hadoop Listening port ,netstat -ntlp

3.  Enter in the host browser {masterIP}:50070 To view the

4.  Shut down the cluster

master Machine command :hadoop-daemon.sh stop namenode

slave Machine command :hadoop-daemon.sh stop datanode

5.  Create centralized management , stay master Operate on the machine . Enter the command

vim /usr/local/hadoop/etc/hadoop/slaves

6.  After the operation of the previous step , Can be in master On the machine , Centralized management control namenode And all the datanode. stay master On the machine , Start all of hadoop service , Enter the command start-dfs.sh, Enter the corresponding password , Then input jps see ( This command will start by default SecondaryNameNode)

7.  step 6 When , You need to enter a lot of passwords , Now set up a password free login :

a).  stay master Enter into the machine ~/.ssh Catalog :cd ~/.ssh/

b).  Input ssh-keygen -t rsa, And keep knocking back

c).  At the end of the order , There will be two more files in this directory

id_rsa For the current root User's private key ,id_rsa.pub It's the public key

d).  Copy the public key to all datanode On the machine , such , When master The machine takes the login information encrypted by the private key and sends it to datanode Machine time ,datanode The public key stored in the machine can be unlocked , Prove that the user is logged in , Therefore, it can realize password free login .

e).  Copy id_rsa.pub Methods , stay master Enter commands on the machine ssh-copy-id slave1, Input password , You can copy the public key to slave1 In machine .

f).  Go to the slave1 Mechanical ~/.ssh View under directory , Yes authorized_keys The file indicates that the copy was successful

g).  go back to master On the machine , Input ssh slave1 Remote login , It is found that you can log in successfully without entering a password , That is to achieve a secret free login .

h).  Empathy , take id_rsa.pub Copy the file to another datanode On the machine , also , And make a copy of it for yourself , That is to copy a copy to master On the machine .

8.  Stop the cluster stop-dfs.sh

9.  Start the cluster again start-dfs.sh I found that I didn't have to enter the password

10.  see hadoop Files in the root directory hadoop fs -ls /( You can also hadoop fs Replace with hdfs dfs, At present, the cluster has just been created , The directory is empty , Besides , Delete and so on linux Command similar , for example hdfs dfs -rm -r -f /a.txt, other hdfs You can go to Mrs. Du Niang and Mr. Gu )

11.  Upload a file to hadoop(master Operate on the machine )

a).  Upload /usr/local In the catalog hadoop-2.7.3.tar.gz file ,hadoop default block by 128M, The document is 214M, So it's going to be partitioned .

b).  Enter the command hadoop fs -put ./hadoop-2.7.3.tar.gz /, Ahead ./hadoop-2.7.3.tar.gz Local storage path for uploaded files , The back / For storage in hadoop The path of .

c).  Input hadoop fs -ls / Look at the file you just uploaded

d).  View the file just uploaded through the web page , Click on Utilsities->Borwse the file system

e).  Click on the file , Found that the file is divided into two blocks . And three copies of each piece are kept in datanode among .

12. hadoop After segmentation , By default, the block will be copied in triplicate , In order to recover in case of special circumstances , This number can be changed , Now change the default copy from three copies to two copies .( stay master Make changes on the machine )

a).  edit /usr/local/hadoop/etc/hadoop/hdfs-site.xml file , stay configuration Add the following to the node

Specific configuration instructions , You can see hadoop Installation directory hadoop-2.7.3/share/doc/hadoop/index.html file

b).  Shut down the cluster stop-dfs.sh, Start cluster start-dfs.sh( restart hadoop)

c).  Based on the above , take jdk Upload the installation files to the cluster , Go to the website and watch .

Find out from the above picture , The uploaded file is split into two block block , among Block0 On the slave2 and slave3 above ,Block1 On the slave1 and slave2 above , here , If we kill slave3, As shown in the following figure , that Block0 There's only one left , And our configuration file has two , So let's test that out hadoop Will you make another copy for us ( The answer is to , This is automatic redundancy ).

d).  Before the above experiments , We also need to configure an option

The attribute represents ,hadoop After what interval of time datanode Do a test , Check if they're down , In milliseconds , The default is 300000, That is to say 5 minute , Let's change it to a smaller value , Otherwise, we have to wait for a long time 5 minute . Also modify /usr/local/hadoop/etc/hadoop/hdfs-site.xml file , Change the value to 10000, namely 10 Second , And then restart it hadoop.

e).  stay slave3 On the machine , close hadoop service :hadoop-daemon.sh stop datanode, Waiting in silence 10 Second ,9、8、7、6...

f).  Go to the website and watch slave3 Confirmed dead

g).  Look again jdk File status , Find out Block0 And in the slave1 One of them was copied , The above results are verified .

13.  reflection : Start again at this time slave3, and slave3 There's a share of Block0 Backup , In that case Block0 There are three copies in all , And we're configuring two backups , Consider starting at this time slave3, Will you delete one Block0 Well ?

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