The blog is set up in four parts ,1.ftp Server setup 、2. Firewall settings  3. Tencent cloud security group   4.ftp Speed up   

One 、ftp Server setup

  1.1   install vsftpd

yum install vsftpd -y

  1.2 start-up vsftpd service

  1. start-up vsftp

systemctl start vsftpd

  2. Check whether the startup is successful

netstat -tunlp

  1.3 To configure vsftpd file

   1. Get into vsftpd.conf The configuration document

     Please refer to (

vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

   2. Setup configuration document ( Disable anonymous user login )

  3. To configure ftp root directory

 add to ftp Access to the root directory 

  4. add to ftp The logged in user

1. Add users ( Non system login users )
   Restrict the user's access to the directory path :/data/data
   Non system login users :/sbin/nologin
  useradd -m -d /home/data -s /sbin/nologin ftpuser
2. Set the password
  passwd ftpuser

  1.4 Use Tencent cloud server configuration ( Otherwise, skip )

FTP  The client defaults to passive mode transmission , Therefore, in the process of communication, we will look for the server side  IP  Address to connect ,
Tencent cloud's Internet IP Not directly on the network card , So in passive mode, the client can't find a valid IP ( Only the intranet of cloud server can be found IP , Intranet IP Can't communicate with Internet directly ), The following configuration is required

   The solution

  • Change the client transmission mode to active ;
  • If the client network environment requires passive mode , So you need to vsftpd.conf  Add these statements to the configuration file
pasv_address=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX     //( Extranet  IP)
pasv_enable=YES         Passive mode           
pasv_min_port=1024       Client minimum access port
pasv_max_port=2048       Client maximum access port

Two 、 Firewall settings

  centos7 Firewall used firewall , and centos7 following (iptables) Different versions of

 Firewall configuration command :
. start-up :systemctl start firewalld
. close :systemctl stop firewalld
. Check the status :systemctl status firewalld
. Power on Disabled :systemctl disable firewalld
. Power on enable :systemctl enable firewalld ftp To configure :
   Service add :
    firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=ftp
   Port add ( Corresponding 1.4 Configured passive mode open port ):
    firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=1027-2048/tcp --permanent    (--permanent permanent )
   Reload the :
    firewall-cmd --reload

3、 ... and 、 Tencent cloud security group configuration


Four 、ftp Speed up              


vsftpd Default on DNS Inverse solution ( I don't know Baidu )
 Ban DNS Inverse solution , Login and upload and download are slow because DNS Caused by inverse solution  
 Need to add in profile   /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

summary :

 In the configuration ftp Server process , The main problem is caused by Tencent's cloud server , It has been inaccessible on the Internet ftp, By finding Tencent cloud's ftp The configuration document , Find out the problem , Finalized ftp Server configuration 

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