I've learned to take data from Sql Server Import to Hive DB, And in Hue Of Web The interface can be queried , The next step is to configure the client tool to connect directly to Hive database , Commonly used DbVisualizer、SQuirreL SQL Client、DataGrip, I only tried the first two , It took 1 It took more than a few days to connect these two tools Hive, I still have a sense of achievement .

Let's explain the environment first , Some problems are very dependent on the environment version .

Hadoop/Hive: It uses CDH 5.15 edition

DbVisualizer:v 9.58

SQuirreL SQL Client:v 3.7

The first thing I saw was the great God's article ,”Hive Way of learning ( 5、 ... and )DbVisualizer configure connections hive“, After configuration, it is impossible to connect , Tips Required field 'client_protocol' is unset!,

Checked the , This is because jdbc And the server side Hive Of jdbc Caused by an inconsistent version , The server side uses CDH 5.15, I found the original CDH Installation package , stay cm-5.15.1\share\cmf\common_jars\ Path to find the corresponding version of the file , The main documents are as follows :









These files can't be missing , Otherwise it will be reported ClassNotFoundException Such mistakes

Will these jar When you connect again after replacing the previous version file , Wrong again. , Tips Illegal Hadoop Version:unknown (expected A. B. * format)

This should refer to this link https://github.com/timveil/hive-jdbc-uber-jar  To solve , The original take Hadoop Version method VersionInfo In some cases, you can't get , So this great God rewrites this method , It's a great man , I wonder why we don't submit this code directly to the open source library .

Return to the right topic , According to the above method, a hive-jdbc-uber- file , Copy this file to jdbc In the path of , stay Driver Manager I'm going to quote this again jar, Find or prompt the previous error “Required field 'client_protocol' is unset!”, The mistake is clear jdbc Version problem , Look at the next from github Download the project , Found out pom.xml There is the following paragraph in . Try to hive All the notes about , Package again to generate hive-jdbc-uber- file , This time it's a success .

DBVisualier Setting screen in

Query the data of a table after successful connection

use SQuirreL SQL Client You can refer to the basic steps of https://www.cnblogs.com/tgzhu/p/5760698.html, The same phenomenon , If hadoop/hive Of jar Inconsistent or missing versions , I'll report the same mistake as above , Therefore, it is also handled in the same way as above , The difference is , Generate hive-jdbc-uber- When you file , There is no need to hive Related reference notes for , I guess when there are multiple jdbc hive version ,SQuirreL SQL Client There's a special mechanism to find the right jdbc edition , but DbVisualizer You can't .

in addition SQuirreL Remember the steps when configuring , Be a newspaper Illegal Hadoop Version when , stay jdbc Driver We need to introduce hive-jdbc-uber-, At the same time hadoop-common-2.6.0-cdh5.14.0 Remove the reference of , Just save it .

If Hive Configured with Kerberos Security mechanism , Using these two clients to connect will be a lot of trouble , reference https://community.hortonworks.com/content/kbentry/73458/connecting-dbvisualizer-and-datagrip-to-hive-with.html.

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