0x00. Preface

The book follows . The project goes through a series of configurations , The development scaffolding has been set up . Next, start wrapping custom components 、 And based on markdown File generation documents and demonstration cases .

The code of the following articles will be based on the length , Partial deletion without affecting understanding , Detailed code can be found in Github Repo see .

0x01. Encapsulating the first component

Package components

Next, encapsulate a loading Components .

establish packages/loading/src/main.vue file ( The space problem , The style code is shown in Github).

establish packages/loading/index.js file . Use install Method to register the component globally , Install components through global methods Vue.use() that will do . Official website -Vue plug-in unit

establish src/index.js file , The purpose of the document :

  1. Import all components of the component library
  2. Define component library component registration installation install Method
  3. Overall export version 、install、 Components, etc .

Refer to the component

stay examples/main.js The component library is referenced in the file

stay examples/App.vue Add component references to

The page effect is as follows

0x02. Write component documentation

Next, based on markdown Write component documentation , Let the sample code render in the page like a component .


markdown File parsing is based on markdown-it And its community plug-ins .

  1. markdown-it The main parser / Renderers . Official documents
  2. markdown-it-anchor Generate Title anchor . Official documents
  3. markdown-it-container Create a parsing plug-in for the block level custom container . Official documents
  4. markdown-it-chain Support chain calls markdown-it . Official documents
npm i  -D  markdown-it markdown-it-anchor markdown-it-container markdown-it-chain

Other core plug-ins

npm i -D transliteration //  Chinese character to Pinyin 

Customize loader

The project will use element The custom of loader, In the source directory build\md-loader create a file , The directory structure is as follows .

| ├─config.js
| ├─containers.js
| ├─fence.js
| ├─index.js
| └─util.js

index.js File is loader Entry file , By extraction template And script The content of , hold Markdown Turn it into Vue Components .

config.js Files use markdown-it-chain To configure markdown-it Options 、 Plug in and container information , initialization markdown-it example .

containers.js Files use markdown-it-container To convert custom containers , The custom container :::demo convert to demo-block Components .

fence.js Code blocks are rewritten in the file (fence) Default rendering rules .

util.js Document supply stripScript stripStyle stripTemplate genInlineComponentText And other methods are used to extract page content and generate components .

webpack To configure

establish build/config.js File settings webpack Public configuration information .

to update build\webpack.config.js file , Add custom md-loder , Realization markdown File analysis .


Write component documentation examples\docs\loading.md

install vue-router plug-in unit .

npm i -D vue-router

newly added examples/router.js File configuration routing information .

import Vue from 'vue';
import VueRouter from 'vue-router'; Vue.use(VueRouter); const routes = [
path: '/',
name: 'index',
// Use vue Asynchronous component technology , You can load on demand .
component: (resolve) => require(['./components/HelloWorld.vue'], resolve),
]; routes.push({
path: '/test',
name: 'test',
component: (resolve) => require(['./docs/loading.md'], resolve),
}); routes.push({
path: '/jsx',
name: 'jsx',
component: (resolve) => require(['./components/JSX.vue'], resolve),
}); export default new VueRouter({
mode: 'hash',
base: process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production' ? '/' : '/me-ui',

adjustment examples The document structure under the directory is as follows , See the source code for details .

| ├─App.vue
| ├─main.js
| ├─router.js
| ├─docs
| | └loading.md
| ├─components
| | ├─HelloWorld.vue
| | └JSX.vue
| ├─assets
| | └logo.png

examples\main.js Incoming routing ,examples\App.vue Update route navigation information .

// main.js
import router from './router';
new Vue({
render: (h) => h(App),
}).$mount('#app'); // App.vue
<div id="app">
<div id="nav">
<router-link to="/">Home</router-link> | <router-link to="/jsx">JSX</router-link> |
<router-link to="/test">loading Components </router-link>
<router-view />

The page effect is as follows

demo-block Components

The above document is very simple , Next write demo-block Components , Support sample component rendering 、 Highlight code and other functions .

Install the syntax highlighting plug-in highlight.js .

npm i -D highlight.js    //  Code highlighting 

establish examples\components\demo-block.vue Components

examples\main.js introduce highlight plug-in unit 、 demo-block Components , Configure syntax highlighting theme styles . increase afterEach Global post hook , Highlight the page code block .

Component documentation examples\docs\loading.md Update to the agreed document format .

Run the program , Page sample code block rendering component , You can expand the source code , Syntax highlight , The effect is as follows :

0x03. Sample code

Github Repo

0x04. Reference resources

Element In document Markdown analysis

element Of demo-block

highlight 97 A list of theme styles

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