After entering the company, they will basically use SVN This kind of Middleware , I won't say more about the benefits of using these middleware , This chapter mainly introduces how to use Eclipse Medium fast installation SVN;

Eclipse Add SVN plug-in unit

install SVN There are two or three ways to do it , But this chapter only talks about this kind of , Because this is the most convenient , So if you want to know more about other installation methods of children's shoes, you can only turn to other blog articles ~

Installation starts

pass: Just click on the dots in the picture , It will be installed soon ~

First step : open eclipse Install the plug-in panel ~

 install SVN Step diagram 1

The second step : For the upcoming SVN Set the installation space and download path

The value of column in this step can be filled in at will , It's just for downloading SVN Of documents , Then fill in the unload SVN Address of the plug-in , His address is :, If necessary, just copy and paste ;
 install SVN Step diagram 2

The third step : Choose to install the found SVN Plug in files

Check all the optional boxes in this step ( Different versions have different files , The number of files is more or less , Generally, check all , If you know that well , If you know which one you need and which one you don't need, you can check it selectively ), After checking, you can go all the way ~
 install SVN Step diagram 3

Step four : Find the installed SVN

How to view and display it after installation ? as follows :
 Insert picture description here

Step five : Select the SVN Features of

Click to enter the panel shown below , Find and open find , Then click to ~
 Insert picture description here

Step six : Result display

You will find a new one in the console below as shown below ;
 Insert picture description here