Syria : Now the popular use of Springboot The configuration file for the framework is yml Files of type , This file can be edited using Notepad , But it involves a lot of things , If there is no special plug-in to assist in writing 、 Modify etc. , It will be less efficient ,Eclipse There is a plug-in for editing yml Of , Next, install and edit yml Of documents yedit Plug in ;

Eclipse install yml plug-in unit (YEdit)

Method 1

Use Eclipse Built in plug-in installation panel for installation , Here's the picture :

First step : Go to the plug-in installation panel

 Plug in entry picture description

The second step : Search for installation yedit plug-in unit

(1) Enter or... In the search box
(2) Find the plug-in shown in the figure below , Then click Install ~
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Be careful : This approach can fail ~

Method 2

This method is download YEdit The plug-in jar Put the bag in Eclipse Under the folder of the installation package .

The detailed operation is as follows :

First step : download YEdit Of Jar package

Official download website :
 Insert picture description here
These are different versions of jar package , From top to bottom, the version is getting newer and newer , A higher version of jar package ~

The second step : Will download Jar Put the package in the specified folder

After downloading, you will jar Put the bag in Eclipse Restart under the folder in the installation package Eclipse that will do ~
 Insert picture description here

Installation successful

Restart after completing one of the above two methods Eclipse, open yml The type file is shown below for installation YEdit Plug in success :
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