Syria : It's all recorded in the previous notes Maven Knowledge about , from Maven What is it? To Maven Download and install Until then Maven Local warehouse configuration for etc. , These are all local Maven External configuration before warehouse use , Now this chapter will record the local Maven Before the warehouse is used Eclipse Configuration in !

Local Maven The warehouse is Eclipse Pre use configuration in

1、M2e Use of plug-ins

M2e The plug-in is M2eclipse plug-in unit ,M2eclipse Plug in is to let Maven and Eclipse A more perfect combination of projects , Make in Eclipse Use in Maven Become simple . stay eclipse in maven The plug-in already exists , No need to download , You just need to configure it to use it , The specific configuration is as follows :

1.1、 Choose locally installed Maven Warehouse

stay eclipse There's a 3.3.3 edition ( Or other versions of , But they are generally older , What I did before was 3.3.3 Of ) Of maven, But this one is too old , We usually use our own Maven Software , The specific operation is as follows :
stay Eclipse Open the options in , Find the options in the configuration panel , Select local Maven The configuration of the warehouse is in this panel , Here's the picture :
 Plug in installation panel picture description

 Select the plug-in entry picture description

Choose locally installed Maven Folder in the folder ;
 Select the image description of the associated plug-in file

 Confirm the associated picture description

After choosing A certain To check the plug-in of our choice , Then click or
 Insert picture description here

1.2、 modify Eclipse Default local warehouse address in

Modify the configuration of the local warehouse address , Its essence is to introduce our own Maven Files under the folder in the software , The specific operation is shown below :

stay Eclipse Medium , Then find the configuration item under it , This configuration item is Maven Local library address configuration for , Here's the picture ;
 Insert picture description here

Make a selection Maven Configuration file for ( This file must be local jar Warehouse absolute path modification , For the unmodified, please see Maven Local warehouse configuration for , The specific location of this file is described in detail in this connection , Don't go over here ~);
 Insert picture description here

After selecting the configuration file , Don't forget it Click the save button ~;
 Insert picture description here

pass: After these two steps , Local Maven The warehouse is Eclipse The pre use configuration in is complete ;