Eclipse Bind local Tomcat

0、Tomcat Local installation configuration of

The premise of this article is that the local Tomcat The server ~, If it is not installed, you can take a look at this step ( For children's shoes that have been installed, just ignore this step :)

Tomcat Please go to the link below for the local installation tutorial (:

1、 open Eclipse Of Preferences( preferences )

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2、 Find and open Runtime Environme( Runtime environment )

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3、 Add local Tomcat

Click to select Tomcat edition ;
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choice Tomcat edition , This version should be the same as your local installation Tomcat The version number is the same , Otherwise, it will cause incompatibility and error report .
 In the choice Tomcat Version image description

Select and click the button , Go to the next step .

Click here to find the local Tomcat File and select , As shown in the figure below :
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After selection, as shown in the figure below :
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JRE Just use the default configuration , Don't make any changes , Then click the button to save successfully , After clicking, it will return to the previous panel , Here's the picture :
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It already has our configuration Tomcat 了 ~, But it's not finished yet , It's the last step , Click on ( Apply and close ), Only in this way will our previous configuration take effect !

4、 View and debug the installed Tomcat

When we haven't installed or installed it before Tomcat But after it was deleted later, it would not exist in the system Tomcat The server , Even if we configure it, it won't appear immediately , In the panel, we will see a sentence as shown in the figure below ,( No servers available . Click this link to create a new server …)
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Click on the paragraph above , Get into Tomcat The server selection interface , As shown in the figure below :
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Choose your own Tomcat, commonly Eclipse Only one local... Will be installed on Tomcat The server , therefore , When we choose the local Tomcat When the server version number is consistent with the server name , The system will configure our local Toncat The server is placed in the column by default , We just need to click finish !

5、 complete

The finished style is shown in the figure below :
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