Syria : Many uses eclipse Children's shoes will have such distress , Why my eclipse The more you use it, the more you get stuck ? Whether you are 8G Running memory is still 4G Of , I Believe , There will be such confusion ~ First ,eclipse It's going to change as we use it “ Overstaffed ”, Because my projects are changing a lot , Our configuration is getting more and more , We're importing more files , and eclipse A lot of things will be read at startup 、 Filter again , therefore eclipse The more you use it, the more you get stuck , Or clean up a lot of files ( Not recommended , Because any document you delete will have an impact , I've tried this before , What caused me eclipse After starting, it always reports an error for no reason , Do more harm than good !), The other is to expand eclipse Running memory , because eclipse The running memory of is generally not large , And we use eclipse When developing, I don't know how to open too many memory eating programs , therefore , This method is still good , Comparison recommendation , Now I'll talk about how to allocate its running memory to improve its fluency ( I have personally experimented with , The effect is obvious !)

First step : find eclipse.ini

eclipse The basic configuration of is in the file ,eclipse Running memory is also set here , So we need to find this file , This file is in eclipse In the installation position of , As shown in the figure below :
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The second step : Configure operating parameters

Open file , find 、 Two attributes , These two properties are respectively configured as eclipse Minimum running memory and maximum running memory , You just need to change these two values , As shown in the figure below :
Configuration before modification :
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Configuration after modification :
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My computer is 4G Running memory , If it is 8G You can set the maximum running memory to 3G Even higher ~

After the configuration is saved, restart it and you will find eclipse It's running much faster than before ~