Eclipse Shortcut key

Ctrl+1 Quick fix ( The most classic shortcut )
Ctrl+D Delete current row
Ctrl+Alt+↓ Copy the current line to the next line ( Replication increase )
Ctrl+Alt+↑ Copy the current line to the previous line ( Replication increase )
Alt+↓ Where the current line interacts with the next line ( Very practical , You can save cutting first , Paste it again )
Alt+↑ The current line interacts with the previous line ( ditto )
Alt+← Previous edited page
Alt+→ Next edit page ( Of course, for the one above )
Alt+Enter Show currently selected resources ( engineering ,or file or file ) Properties of
Shift+Enter Insert a blank line in the next line of the current line ( At this time, the mouse can be in any position of the current line , It doesn't have to be the last )
Shift+Ctrl+Enter Insert a blank line in the current line ( The principle is the same as above )
Ctrl+Q Go to the last editor
Ctrl+L Position in a line ( For programs over 100 That's the gospel )
Ctrl+M Maximize the current Edit or View ( Press again and vice versa )
Ctrl+/ Comment the current line , Press again to cancel the comment
Ctrl+O Quick display OutLine
Ctrl+T Quickly display the inheritance structure of the current class
Ctrl+W Close the current Editer
Ctrl+K Refer to the selected Word Quickly navigate to the next
Ctrl+E Quick display of current Editer The drop-down list of ( If the current page does not display in bold )
Ctrl+/ ( Keypad ) Collapse all code in the current class
Ctrl+×( Keypad ) Expand all code in the current class
Ctrl+Space The code assistant inserts some code ( But it usually conflicts with the input method , You can change the hotkey of the input method , It can also be used temporarily Alt+/ Instead of )
Ctrl+Shift+E Show manage all currently open View The manager of ( Can choose to close , Activation, etc )
Ctrl+J Forward incremental search ( Press down Ctrl+J after , Each letter editor you type provides a quick match to locate a word , without , It's in stutes line No... Found , When looking up a word , Very practical , this
Features Idea There was... Two years ago )
Ctrl+Shift+J Reverse incremental search ( Same as the previous one , It's just back to front )
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Close all open Editer
Ctrl+Shift+X Change all the currently selected text to lowercase
Ctrl+Shift+Y Change all the currently selected text to lowercase
Ctrl+Shift+F Format current code
Ctrl+Shift+P Locate the match for ( for example {}) ( When positioning the back from the front , The cursor should be in the match , Back to front , On the contrary )

The shortcut keys below are commonly used in refactoring , I'll sort out what I like and often use ( notes : The shortcut keys for general refactoring are Alt+Shift At the beginning )

Alt+Shift+R rename ( It's my favorite one , Especially for variables and classes Rename, It can save a lot of labor )
Alt+Shift+M Extraction method ( This is one of the most common methods of refactoring , Especially useful for a lot of mud code )
Alt+Shift+C Modify function structure ( It's more practical , Yes N Function called this method , It's fixed once )
Alt+Shift+L Extract local variables ( You can directly extract some magic numbers and strings into a variable , Especially when there are multiple calls )
Alt+Shift+F hold Class Medium local The variable becomes field Variable ( More practical functions )
Alt+Shift+I Merge variables ( Maybe it's not right to say so Inline)
Alt+Shift+V Move functions and variables ( Not very often )
Alt+Shift+Z Remorse medicine of reconstruction (Undo)