Syria : This article is about Eclipse and SG-UAP Decompiled configuration of , The main use of Jad Decompiler tools and JadClipse middleware , I've set up a decompile before , As a result, I forgot to set it again recently , For a long time , Now it's better to record it ;

Decompile :

In fact, it is to package the already packaged jar The package is decompiled so that we can see the code in it , It's easier for us to learn the underlying development logic ;

step :

1、 Download the corresponding plug-in , Two :

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Download address :

  1. jad: decompiler , Download address :
  2. jadclipse:jad And eclipse Middleware , Dedicated to jad And eclipse Carry out closely related , because jad The tool is similar to JDK Self contained java,javac The same needs to be done using the command line , and jadclipse It solves this complicated operation for us , Make it more convenient to use , Just configure and open the corresponding decompiled file , Download address :

    (1) jadclipse You need to use the installed version as much as possible eclipse perhaps sg-uap Versions, ;
    (2) These two names are different from those in the picture above , It's just that there's no version number

2、 Put the corresponding file in the corresponding location

jad: take jad decompression , And will unzip the jad.exe The runnable program is copied to the environment variable configuration jdk Of bin In the folder ;
jadclipse: Unzip it and put it in it jadclipse_3.3.0.jar Files in eclipse Of plugins in (sg-uap There is also eclipse Under folder plugins, Just do the same );

3、Eclipse perhaps SG-UAP Configure decompilers in

Restart after the last step Eclispe perhaps SG-UAP, Get into Preferences Find Java Can see JadClipse, This means that the previous operation is OK , And then modify JadClipse Medium Path to decompiler ( Decompiler path , Just put it in before jdk Of bin Under folder jad.exe), Change this path to your own jad.exe File path ,Drectroy for temporary files ( Temporary file directory , Modify according to your own interests , It can also be modified without modification ), The following figure shows the modification of the above operation ;
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Then do the operation as shown in the figure below :
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Then on *.class without source To operate , Here's the picture :
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