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Pictured above , Since the official account , Every day, readers ask me ? my dear friend . Is there any XXX course ? Asked many times , Every time I answer, I feel tired . So just write an article and say , I usually study on those websites .

1. Geek time


Geek time is a paid learning community . The main position of my study , The quality of its courses must be unspoken , All the lecturers are the technical bulls of the first-line Internet companies at home and abroad . For example, you are familiar with Chen Hao ( Mouse with left ear ). I learned a lot of courses from it , such as Java The core technology 、 Data structure and algorithm . A course is not expensive , If you want to learn anything, you can buy courses here . Compared with tens of thousands of training institutions, it is still very conscientious .

 Geek time

 My subscription

2. For class network

  • can be said to be the enlightenment website when I first learned programming . There are free courses , There are also paid tutorials . Two years ago. , I'm looking for a free course in MOOC . Compared to Geek time , The advantage of MOOC is that it has courses that take you to do projects ( Generally, they have to pay ), A little bit more practical . You can weigh the pros and cons , Preferred choice .

 For class network

3. Bili, Bili


notice b standing , A lot of people would say , Brother, are you kidding me ? I want to learn programming , It's not animation . But in fact ,B Station is a learning website , A lot of people don't know . such as , I search Java employment keyword , A bunch of videos of training institutions will come out soon . Students who want to train , I suggest you come here and have a look , Make another decision . Maybe we can save tens of thousands of dollars , Beauty is not true ?

Take this opportunity to , By the way B Stand in front of me ,B Station is the focus of the second dimension , But it's also a place for young people to learn .

B standing

4. Alibaba cloud University


Alibaba cloud university has relatively few courses on this website , But it's all boutiques . For example, if I read the big data tutorial above, it's pretty good , Very comprehensive . Let's talk about the shortcomings , Maybe no one knows , Community activity is not high .

 Alibaba cloud University

 Big data learning route



I don't need to say that ? Also known as the world's largest same-sex dating site , As a programmer you don't know this site , Then I advise you to go back and think . Programmers all over the world share their open source projects here , Open source community , It has to be on the list , For example, I want to see 《Java Programming idea The fifth edition 》, Go up and search for it . Or HD no code , Don't be too cool . It is worth mentioning that , In normal development , What strange needs do you receive and have no ideas to fulfill , Go up here and have a search , Maybe open source can be used directly .



6. Novice tutorial


The tutorials are free , Great for getting started , For example, learning a new language , You can follow through this website first , Learn to look , I will be familiar with the basic grammar soon . A while ago , I study Python Also through this website first to lay the foundation . It is worth mentioning that , The site has an online way to run , More suitable Java beginner .

 Novice tutorial



Stack Overflow It's a program related IT Technical Q & a website . Users can submit questions free of charge on the website , Browse questions , Search for relevant content . Other people's answers are scored by the person who asked the question , Then the quality of the answers is ranked according to the score , So the quality of Q & A on this website is very high . I sometimes have problems myself , Searching the domestic website for half a day can't solve , Go to the above search , Often the highest score of the first item can help me to solve the problem .


8. Some of the better tech communities

  • Nuggets :
  • Blog Garden :


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