hello , Hello everyone . I believe we all know that gold nine silver ten , In the talent market, it means every year 9 The month and 10 May is the peak of recruitment for enterprises . At this time, enterprises often have a large number of recruitment needs , It is undoubtedly the most suitable time for job seekers to find a job . demand , It's easier to reach your psychological expectations by talking about salary . If you want to get a high salary, it means strong power , Enterprises are not good schools , I'm not a fool , I won't give you a high salary for nothing . Of course, there is luck in it , But strength is absolutely the first .

7 The month will soon pass again , I believe that all my friends who have the idea of job hopping or just graduated have started to review and prepare for finding a job , I don't know if your review progress is satisfactory ? Is it organized ? Does it cover enough knowledge points ? Hang out today Github Found two about Java Learning from 、 The project of the interview , One of my many readers should need , Share it here .


CS-Notes at present 7W+ star, This includes the basics 、Leetcode Answer key 、Java、C++、Python、 Back end interview 、 operating system 、 computer network 、 System design and other technical interview necessary knowledge , The point is that the author also made him into an e-book , Convenient for you to read online . Brother dog, cut a picture at will , Let you feel how powerful it is .


Github Address :https://github.com/CyC2018/CS-Notes


JavaGuide It's close to 5W+ star, It's also Github On Java The field is very hot Java Learn the interview guide project . It also covers most of Java The core knowledge that programmers need to master . The author of conscience has also made e-books , Here is the screenshot :


Github Address :https://github.com/Snailclimb/JavaGuide

I watched it over and over again , The two projects have their own advantages ,JavaGuide The knowledge point covers quite completely . and CS-Notes The algorithm is more detailed . Overall , It's recommended to combine . Hurry up start Let's learn .

Last , Good salary , Don't forget the wealth of dogs !


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