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Affirming : This tutorial IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 Patches of 、 Activation codes are collected on the network , Please do not use it commercially , For personal study only , If there is any infringement , Please contact the author for deletion

newest   The way  IDEA 2021.x  Activate to  2099  year

Be careful : The tutorial applies to JetBrains A full range of products Include IDEA 2021.x All versions below

There are IDEA 2021 Download all versions ( The version includes history IDEA 2021.x following )

One 、 Download the latest  IDEA 2021 Version installation package

You can choose from  IDEA  Download from the official website :

Baidu SkyDrive all 2021 IDEA Version download ( The version includes history )

link :

Extraction code :1234

Click to download , Download it .

IDEA After installation , Remember , It's time to crack it

1、  Check first  Evaluate for free, Click on  Evaluate:

explain : If this interface doesn't appear , Please open the compressed package and execute the corresponding reset script ~

windows System :reset_jetbrains_eval_windows.vbs
linux/mac System

Cracking needs , Patches of , Activate patch key, As shown in the figure above

2、  Sweep the official account , reply IDEA” obtain , Patches of , Crack KEK

3、  Install the cracking plug-in , determine , What's the point of getting the patch , As shown in the figure below

4、  Plug in Center File -> Settings -> Install Plugin From Disk, Install the plug-in through disk , As shown in the figure below

a key , a key , Must restart , Must restart , Must restart

Of particular importance : When the plug-in is installed , You have to restart IDEA( Check the progress , Is it really closed IDEA?), To take effect !!!

Some students said that the newspaper “key is invaild”, Because there was no restart IDEA, Just type Activate patch key.txt Activation code , Of course not. ~~~~

I'd like to have a check javaagent Is the configuration successful? ? As shown in the figure :

##  With windows For example , The correct configuration is as follows :-javaagent:C:\Users\Public\.BetterIntelliJ\BetterIntelliJ- Version number .jar##  With unix For example , The correct configuration is as follows :-javaagent:${HOME}//.BetterIntelliJ/BetterIntelliJ- Version number .jar

Be careful : Don't change the location of the cracked patch , Don't delete , Otherwise, it will be disabled after activation

5、  Open the registration interface Help -> Register, Select Add activation code ( see : Activate patch key.txt), As shown in the figure below

9、  At this time , You activate it , To 2099 year ~

Cannot be opened IDEA?

Because you have other patches installed , Need to see idea64.exe.vmoptions Is the configuration right ?

It is suggested that the previous -javaagent Configuration of . then , Then install our cracker patch according to the above tutorial ~

vmoptions Can't find ? open IDEA, menu bar :Help -> Edit Custom Properties, Just modify it