Dealing with a large number of documents , Sometimes you have to change the file extension ? If it is , You have to encounter a warning , Whenever you change the file extension ,macOS Will throw the warning . stay Mac There are two simple ways to get rid of it , Let's have a look !

Use terminal to disable file extension change warning

1. By going to the application → Utilities → adopt Finder or Launcher To start the terminal .

2. Copy and paste the following command , Then press Enter.

defaults write FXEnableExtensionChangeWarning -bool false

3. Next , Enter this command killall Finder. It will restart with the appropriate new settings “ Visit da da ”. Be careful : To re enable the file extension change warning , Please copy and paste the following command in the terminal ,defaults write FXEnableExtensionChangeWarning -bool true Then follow the steps above .

Use Finder close macOS File extension change warning in

1. stay Mac Start the “ Visit da da ”.

2. Navigate to the top menu bar , And then choose “ Visit da da ” → preferences .

3. stay “ Preferences ” The palette , choice “ senior ” tab .

4. Deselect “ Show warning before changing extension ”.


After changing the file extension , You will no longer see warnings . To enable warnings , Just repeat the above steps and recheck the option .