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Interview with front end preacher @ Zhang Kejun


The front end of today's interview , I heard this name when I was just in the business , And I watched his blog learn to grow . When I asked him to do an interview, I still had a little expectation , So let's take a look at his front end tour .

The text starts here ~

Self introduction. , And the companies that we serve now

I'm Zhang Kejun , It's usually spelled with names “Kejun” In the community . Working in Douban .

Introduce your own experience in the front end in detail , How do you learn in the process ? Have you ever met a bottleneck , Some words , How to break through .

I majored in computer network , LAN or something . Probably 98 About years ago , During that time, the library , Read the introduction in the computer newspaper Dreamweaver Do the animation , It interests me . Make a personal website to play , And so it went on like this .

At that time, the main focus was on Design , It was called “ Web page creation ” It's very accurate , yes “ Make ”, No “ Programming ”. Now review , This background determines that I am ultimately a product 、 Design to the front-end Engineers , It's unlikely to grow into a language expert or geek . This stage does a lot of website , Their own 、 School 、 Outsourcing 、 Take part in competitions and so on , Life was a little rich ( Ha ). On the other hand, it also fosters patience , There is often no shortcut to making a thing , Tolerance process , Enjoy the results . There are many students around who are unremitting in learning this kind of low-tech and boring work , And I enjoy it .

02 My first formal job was in Asia business online ( Does not exist. ) Making web pages , It may show high cost performance , It promotes the employment distribution of schools ( Ha ). Until now, at work , I also value and pursue efficiency . Worked for more than two years and went to a family .net The company . Interest is a strange thing , Always subtle pull you go , In the end, I don't like to do back-end work ,05 Years have passed 1 pat ( Sina and Yahoo joint venture ).

1 The engineer is from Yahoo China , One of the engineers Anson( Now it's the baby tree CTO) It's a huge impact on me , Input a lot of new technology information from Yahoo America to me , One of them is revolutionary -Ajax.

05 Yahoo China was acquired by Alibaba at the end of the year , I officially transferred to Yahoo China , Geographically, it is the Guanghua Road from Wangfujing to tudido , But technology makes me closer to the front-end technology of Yahoo America . Yahoo's internal technology exchange is very active , I can see a lot of systematic technical information in the background . At that time, it was still Blog Time , Domestic developers need to understand new technologies , Mainly rely on the first batch of domestic front-end Blogger Transportation of , Like Chen Xian'an 、 Whoa, wait . The Yahoo era , The most direct influence on me is Hedger, Later, he also came to China several times to share , I'm an old friend of the domestic front end industry . He's a code speaker , Full of black magic at the front of your head , Very charismatic , Until now, it's my idol ( Ha ). Because it's Ali , It has a close relationship with Taobao . At that time, the person in charge of Taobao front end was Chengzhi ( Later, the founder of mushroom Street ), This guy is brilliant , We often communicate with each other . It turned out that he was actually a better product manager ( Ha ).

Looking back on this period , It's like seeing a broader landscape from the ravines to the mountains , I'm lucky to meet a lot of talented people nice I was directly influenced by the people who were there . I think the reference for new people is , Don't rush into a big company just after graduation , The first one is less restrictive 、 Companies that practice technology more comprehensively , then , Find a bigger and more professional platform , Working with people who are more talented than you are .

09 In 1998, we went to Douban . Douban has no clear role boundary and rigid process . front 、 The back end is very close in development . Front end engineers as an intermediate role , That is to be able to make up for the design deficiencies , I'm going to be able to write some Python, Try to solve problems independently as much as possible . The development of Douban to three 、 Four hundred people per hour , Douban's front-end team is no more than 15 people , If the productivity of excellent engineers is that of mediocre Engineers 10 times , Not so good 5 That's enough ( Ha ). The efficiency of collaboration between roles is the main factor that affects development efficiency , By adding people, we can solve the temporary problems , But it's going to get bloated and hard to reverse . The code I wrote in Douban is in Yahoo n times , Involved in a lot of projects , In the process , I have the opportunity to cooperate with different excellent engineers and benefit a lot . Learning other languages helps to build more dimensional programming ideas . For example, to have a deep understanding of functional programming , It's better to learn Haskell.

When the bottleneck appears depends on the vision , When we can't see the direction and trend of development , You will suffer from no breakthrough . Combined with my experience , There are three distinct nodes :

  1. 2005 Year of Ajax popular . Before, more energy was in CSS Refactoring , Learning standards , Accumulate experience in solving compatibility issues .Ajax Appearance , Let me realize that the next learning direction is JavaScript. Study OOP、 Learn how to structure code 、 Study YUI And so on 、 The pursuit of website performance and so on . When all these aspects are involved , I feel like I'm touching the ceiling again .08 I went to Yahoo USA to participate in the global front end Engineers conference , For the first time Zakas On the basis of Ant Automatic construction of , Suddenly , Practice and share soon after you come back .

  2. 2010 year Node Accelerate development .Node Make the front-end ecology prosper rapidly , Through constantly renovated tools , Make up for the lag of standard and the deficiency of language design , Front end development is gradually entering “ engineering ” The era of development . Various tools 、 idea , All of a sudden, I'm a little overwhelmed . At this time, the bottle diameter gradually becomes the direction of learning , What to learn ? This part of the expansion can be seen here .

  3. 2013 year PC Time to mobile . The original “ front end ” It's actually a browser . Mobile Age “ front end ” Become a multi client .Web The mode is determined by the required scheme , Become an alternative . An engineer must want to participate in the development of a company's main product , The main product is from PC End to mobile , What should I do? ? I once wanted to learn Android or iOS Development , Solve cross platform problems , First of all, understand the platform . But if you follow the traditional native Development , Learn from the beginning , I personally can't accept . It's a personal preference , I don't like tradition native The development way , No interest at all . There are limitations to development , We can only wait for perfection . I was surprised. React Native Appearance , It won't replace the original native Development , It's tradition native Development focuses on components that are relatively low-level reusable , The application layer uses JavaScript Write , It seems that this is the perfect solution .

In the companies they serve , Which company has the greatest impact on you . Why? ?

The biggest impact is Yahoo , The biggest improvement is Douban . Now Yahoo is down , Ten years ago, he was still a king . Technology and Design , We pay special attention to the system from idea to methodology . The aim is to recruit one who is not stupid 、 Studious people , Through these things, we can quickly cultivate talents in line with the characteristics of the enterprise . The moat company in China , This is not enough . Douban is a company pursuing product innovation , If you are willing to participate in the development of various projects , There's no limit to the use of new technologies . This environment is very conducive to the growth of engineers . from 2014 At the beginning of this year, we began to hatch this project , In product design 、 We have accumulated different degrees of experience in business , It's the growth I want to get beyond the limitations of Engineers .

The front end of the entry is right , Do you have any good suggestions ? How to consider the breadth of technology ?

Starting from my personal experience , Suggestion is : A rookie needs two or three years to live (T1), This stage “ wide ” above all ,“ wide ” There are two aspects , One is to master comprehensively CSS/HTML/JavaScript Basic knowledge of , The second is to widely accept various technologies 、 thought , Practice as much as possible , How to write code , I have a lot of experience . Books are just statements about what technology is , I can't tell you what to use in any situation 、 How to use it? . And then there's maturity (T2), You can easily handle projects that are complex enough , It's important to look at the code at this stage , Think and summarize more . Finally, the creative period (T3), Can make “ New wheels ”, Can solve difficult problems . I personally value the innovative application of technology in products .

What I know about you , You are now involved in the one beat one project in Douban , According to your understanding , What are the possibilities of career planning for front-end engineers ?

How to develop front-end engineers is very unclear . There are only a few possibilities at the moment , One is to become an expert , I feel Hax I'm not over forty , I had a chance to talk to him about my plans after I was 40 . Experts expect to transform into teams Leader, Use experience and judgment . The second is to become a geek , Beyond the above mentioned T3, Pursuit T3+ or T4. Also after 40 years old , You can start a business 、 You can lead a team . Third, become a free developer , Write a hit App You're really free . Fourth, changing careers , Transfer to product manager 、 Turn to design 、 It's possible to turn to the back end , It depends on one's ability . But maybe one day the company will go public 、 If you win the lottery, you don't have to worry about career planning .

As an old driver of the domestic front end , What books are recommended to read ?

Zakas Of “ Red Data Book ” Pretty good , But now I want to learn ES2015/ES.next 了 . I don't read a lot of books , You can go and search .

Finally, you may need to look at this :【 The first 229 period 】 A letter to a new front-end Engineer


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 An interview with | Front end preacher @ Zhang Kejun

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