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The earth seen on the International Space Station . This is astronaut Samantha · Christopher Freddy 2014 Captured from the international space station .( Source [1]


This week's topic : The impact of artificial intelligence on future work

Not long ago I read a book called 《 A brief history of today 》, There's a chapter called : When you grow up , There may be no work .

Some people may think that this sentence is a bit alarmist . But for those who are concerned about technology , This sentence is very pertinent .

Actually , Today we have been able to feel the impact of artificial intelligence on us .

Microsoft Asia Internet Engineering Institute launched a chat robot Little ice [2], It's so advanced that it's hard to tell whether it's a real person or a robot . She's not only able to answer your questions , You can also analyze your mood according to statistics 、 mood 、 state , So I can choose your favorite tone and topic to chat with you . For personal privacy , It's a terrible thing . But in terms of Technological Development , I have to say it's amazing .

In fact, the development of artificial intelligence , It's bound to replace repetitive labor , Will replace most jobs .AI Li Kaifu, an expert, believes that , In all jobs 50% Automation will be realized by AI stay 15 Finish in a year [3].

This is for employment , You don't have to be too pessimistic . Because the development of artificial intelligence will also give birth to many new jobs , For example, the operation and maintenance post of artificial intelligence , More professional , Higher technical requirements . For example, software 、 Algorithm 、 voice 、 Chip and other posts .

But it's very important for one's education 、 Professional requirements are higher . This is the inevitable result of social development .



1、 Discovery in South Africa 200 Fossil skull 10000 years ago [4]

One found by Australian researchers in South Africa 200 The skull ten thousand years ago , The skull was spent by the researchers 300 Hours and hours , It comes from Luo Bai's family , Robustris is a close relative of Homo erectus , Homo erectus is considered to be the direct ancestor of modern humans . This skull provides more information about human evolution .


2、 New York City Attractions project replica Stonehenge [5]

Nikki, a professor at York University · Milner proposes to reproduce prehistoric archaeological buildings , There is the middle stone age 、 Neolithic Age 、 Architecture of bronze age and Iron Age , Including Stonehenge . One of its purposes is to improve the local economic efficiency .


3、2020 Year of 15 Best animal photos [6]

Photography APP Agora It was announced last month 2020 year 15 Best animal photos . The animals in the picture , It's all like elves . These are some of my selections , You can feel it .


4、11 A picture dispels people's fear of insects [7]

People usually have a fear of insects , Professional photographer from Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa Fascination with insect images . stay 2020 The above images won the prize in the photo contest of , To obtain the “ 2020 year Luminar Bug The photographer ” The title of , as well as 2500 pound ( About us 3,300 dollar ) Bonus and other value over 2500 US dollar Awards . These images make people forget the fear of insects .


5、 Military dog AR Wearable devices [8]

U.S. Army displays augmented reality for military dogs (AR, Augmented reality ) Patch , This wearable device enables military dogs to receive command and perform tasks . This is designed for military dogs AR The headgear allows the operator to direct the dog from a distance , Avoid dangerous tasks .


6、 Square car developed by Amazon [9]

Amazon travel company Zoox A square automatic driving vehicle has been developed. , It is very different from the traditional car , It's very futuristic .


7、 Elastic 「 Electronic skin 」[10]

Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder are developing one “ Truly Wearable ” Wearable electronic devices based on , This is a stretchable and fully recyclable circuit board inspired by human skin and glued to the skin . The device can repair itself , It's like real skin . It can also reliably perform a range of sensory tasks , From measuring users' body temperature to tracking their daily steps .


8、2020 Top ten black technologies [11]

Tencent technology has sorted out 2020 Top ten black technologies in China . Include :
Artificial sun 、 Beidou 、 Brain-machine interface 、 Satellite Internet 、 Flying car 、 Super high speed rail 、 Gene editing technology
、 Quantum computers : The nine chapter 、 Folding screen mobile phone .


9、 Doctors are preparing to implant the world's first bionic eye [12]

A team of researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, has developed a bionic device , They say the device can be implanted into the brain to restore vision to the blind .


10、 Not wolf, not Fox 「 Wild supermodel 」[13]

In South America, there is a rare animal like wolf and fox , They have slim bodies , It's the largest indigenous canine in South America , But it has been approved by IUCN (IUCN) As a 「 species in imminent danger 」


11、 Art in Petri dishes [14]

Scientists from all over the world presented artworks grown in Petri dishes at the annual competition of the American Society of microbiology , The competition announced the winners . Restrictions on access to the laboratory extend the scope of authority , Traditional technology is regarded as the beauty of microorganism for the first time . These are some of the winning works .


12、YouTube Home page in the past 15 Changes during the year [15]

YouTube Is an online video sharing platform . It is from Chad Hurley,Steve Chen and Jawed Karim On 2005 year 2 Created in .2006 year 11 month ,Google With 16.5 The platform was purchased for $100 million . The platform allows users to upload , see , share , score , Review video , The report , Add to the play list and subscribe to other users . This article gives us a review YouTube Development over the years .


13、 Can help detect COVID-19 Smart Bracelet [16]

novel coronavirus pneumonia 2019 At the end of the year, it began to spread all over the world , Its symptoms have always been a concern . The team at the University of San Francisco and San Diego in California monitored body temperature 、 The quality of sleep , heart rate , Respiratory pattern, etc , With Finnish start-ups Oura cooperation , Developed a smart bracelet , Hope to help people alert the possibility of new crown infection .


14、 Mars probe and 「 Seven minutes of terror 」[17]

NASA (NASA) The persevering Rover Mars probe 2021 year 2 month 28 On Mars Jezero Crater landing , A series of things need to be done seven minutes before landing , go by the name of “ Seven minutes of terror ”. The official made one Animation [18], Demonstrate the landing process .


15、 Portable shelter [19]

Start-up company Jupe It's being sold from the front Tesla and SpaceX Prefabricated portable shelter designed by designer .

Off net shelter 111 Square feet of living space , Cost per pod 17,500 dollar .


16、 Coronavirus has hit Antarctica [20]

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has reached the last continent on earth. —— Antarctica . the_region_was_once_thought_to_be_the_only_continent_not_affected_by_the_coronavirus_pandemic_ ._ . Yes 36 Infected people , These include 26 Members of the Chilean army and 10 Maintenance workers .



1、 Fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrible than danger itself .<br/>

--《 Robinson Crusoe 》

2、 Man is seldom content . Achieve an achievement at a time , The most common response in the human brain is not satisfaction , It's about wanting more .

--《 A brief history of future 》

3、 Explore outward , Think inward , Take root down , Growing up .

-- Signature of a friend's circle of friends



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