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Oschina bounces on Friday - my stool is triangular

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【 Today's song 】

@ Wen Jiacheng : Share Xie Anqi's single 《 December 22 》

Angela Xie's single 《 December 22 》

Cell phone party teenagers want to listen to music , Please poke at ( here

@Xiaoshiyue : When you make a good lunch , Will be your motivation to get up and go to work !

It's great to be able to cook by yourself ,

To let others cook is to let others master their own key .

“ My stools are triangular …… Zongzi is really harmful to people .”

There's food to eat ,

It's a whole day to drink milk tea ,

@Xiaoshiyue : turn 20 Let me have a cup of milk tea, sweet mouth warm heart Or I'll take Altman and whatever You'll never see light again

@ Little editor : Just be brave Altman on maternity leave

You want to take Altman and whatever !

But is there really Altman .

“ Now there's a paradox , You're Altman , You also want Altman to take maternity leave ! It feels like watching 《 The original destination 》”

Today is Christmas ,

Take a vacation or not , But I'm going to send an apple .

@somaGYQ : Today's topic : Has the company distributed the apple ?

It's not just apples ,

And an apple peeler .

“ Grown from same root , Fratricidal .”

If no one gives Christmas presents ,

Just give yourself a Christmas present .

@ I want to change my name : Send your own in advance   Christmas presents

Let me see what I want for Christmas ,

“ If you weren't a kid , Santa probably shot you this time last year , Santa's got a new crown this year , You don't have any presents .”

@ Come to domain studio : Today's topic : Christmas Eve and Christmas

What's Christmas for a single dog ,

I get angry when I see them show their love .

“ In the middle of the night, her house is still brightly lit . All night long . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ”

People have broken up several times ,

I haven't been in love with you yet ,

Should you find out why .

@ Open source China's chief architect : When the person you like doesn't return your message , You should be brave enough to ask , It's not your own wishful thinking . Brave to ask , Maybe it's not what you think .


@whale123 :" Think the goddess doesn't fart , No shit , I don't know how to dig my nose , I think that the creaky nests of the goddess are all sweet and creamy , I don't think I'm worthy of each other , But maybe the truth is -- That girl may not be worth liking at all ".......... heartache , Buddy

But licking a dog is fearless ,

“ When the goddess is worried about you , You have nothing to fear .”

@my_bug Manufacturer : And his daughter-in-law TM It's a fight , Women's brains are not good . Why is the gap between women and men so big .

Don't look at what you're saying now ,

I'm not going to coax your wife ,

“ Kiss your wife when she is angry .”

@ Sexy Minoan : stay 2017 Beginning of the year , I was hurt by a girl in Linfen, Shanxi Province , Cheating on my feelings .3 Years have passed , I dare not fall in love now . I can't believe women .

Because of this ,

Hurt by a woman ,

So you don't believe in love now ,

Even if some girls like you ,

“ From the color of the big brother in the trash can , It's a barrel that has been hurt emotionally .”

What to do with that ?

You can only accept men ?

@-Eric- : When are boys and boys legal ?


“ Start fencing ! We are all athletes !”


Small Tree's World Tour

Participate in # I make complaints about it # Shortcut to

0、【 The financial management department will interview ant group in the near future 】 People's Bank of China 、 China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission 、 China Securities Regulatory Commission 、 The State Administration of foreign exchange will interview ant group in the near future , To supervise and guide ant group in accordance with marketization 、 The rule of law , Implement financial supervision 、 Fair competition and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers , Standardize the operation and development of financial business .

1、【 The State Administration of market supervision has put on file an investigation into Alibaba Group's suspected monopoly in accordance with the law 】 In recent days, , According to the report , According to law, Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd “ A choice ” And other suspected monopolistic behaviors .

2、【 Sun Yang's team revealed that : The Supreme Court of Switzerland rescinded the ruling concerning Sun Yang 】 Xinhua news agency , According to the reporter from Sun Yang's team , Sun Yang, Swiss lawyer team informed sun Yangfang by email , They have received the verdict of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court , The verdict was that the International Court of arbitration for sport was set aside (CAS) The previous ruling involving Sun Yang . As of press time , The Swiss Supreme Court and CAS There is no official statement yet . The reporter will follow up and report on the progress of this matter . Sun Yang's team said that the Supreme Court of Switzerland rescinded the ruling involving Sun Yang . This year, 2 month 28 Japan , The International Court of arbitration for sport declared that , Chinese swimmer Sun Yang failed to comply with the rules of the World Anti Doping Agency , Decided to ban Sun Yang 8 year . Sun Yang then appealed to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court .

3、【 Hope to be cured in an epidemic situation , The new pet dogs and cats in Japan this year have been added 15% 】 According to Kyodo News Agency , Japan Pet Food Association 23 Date issued 2020 The results of the national survey on the status of cat and dog breeding in China . Results show , The total number of newly raised cats and dogs in a year is about 95 Ten thousand only , A significant increase of about 15%. The association said ,“ Affected by the new crown epidemic , It can be seen that ( people ) The tendency to hope for healing by living with pets .”

4、【 Kilawe volcano in Hawaii 2 Annual eruption , Lead people to see from afar 】 Local time 12 month 20 Japan , Kilawe volcano erupted on the big island of Hawaii , Evaporate a lake in the crater , Red sky . This eruption does not require evacuation of residents , Many people come to the national park where the crater is .

5、【 Kunming informs tour guides of threatening tourists : The video is true , Check it out 】12 month 23 Japan , Kunming, Yunnan . Kunming Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism reported that the video of tour guides threatening the safety of tourists is true , To investigate the behavior of disturbing the order of tourism market , Never condone . before , In the video, the guide asks the tourists to spend money sincerely .


【 The role of the little tree Play theatre 】

( The playwright of this issue : Little editor , Cameo :@ Apollo 2080

@ Apollo 2080 I accidentally looked at my mother's cell phone .


Not in a good mood ?

Pay attention to students' physical and mental health

Please enter what you like to see 【 Doctor Xiaoshu's psychophysiological Clinic 】

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# Why do you swear ?#

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【 Watching TV 】




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I can't open it after poking , I can do it .

But the little editor noted the video's BV Number , Please go B Station search .

( Part of the above is from the Internet . If there is any infringement , Please contact the editor in time to delete . thank .)

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【 Today you are guest star 】

@ Apollo 2080


thank 】

Fight for the building Winner:@ Apollo 2080 ( Officially certified sofa )

@ Bullshit fish (+1)@nnnm ( Don't delete it .)@ The king of Rome ( Um. This uncertainty , It's a declaration of death )@ The old bia classmate ( Mr. …… Still pretty good !)@ Zjmars ( In the morning )@ Liang Xiaosheng ( Baaha ha ha ha ha )@ OSC At the very end ( The key is that the other party can dream of you . This is a two-way dream meeting It's also awesome .)@ Falling sauce ( Good Ha ha ha ha )@ A drink between flowers ( Guess Friday tomorrow I thought it was Saturday Ah ^)@ clouddyy (n You love kittens so much I don't want to raise one myself )@ Papaya cloth ( good afternoon )

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