It's long overdue to have this series , It mainly updates some information you think you should know recently .

It should be noted that :

This series won't gossip about things with a tight time coefficient , Even if the content is more heated .

This series focuses on the value attributes of content , I hope it's worth watching any issue at any time .

The entrance of the last issue :

Android Information you might miss | 2 period

1. Idle reading

Android 1.5 -10.0 What are the new features ?

2. Big companies share

1)Google Official sharing

Flutter What you need to know | FAQ・ The third phase

2) Netease strictly selected

Netease strict selection of technical experts interpretation ABTest Design and principle

3) Meituan

Talk about meituan APP Yes Crash The road to governance of

4) Youzan micro Mall

Youzan micro Mall -Android Componentization scheme

History sharing :

Baidu APP technology : Android H5 First screen Optimization Practice

sohu : In depth understanding of Flutter Multithreading

Ctrip : From wisdom to action Android The project looks at the practice of component architecture

3. Large factories open source to the outside world

1) tencent matrix

Android  You should know this  | 3  period
Matrix It is an application performance access framework developed and used by wechat team . Matrix By accessing various performance monitoring schemes , Collect and analyze the abnormal data of performance monitoring items , Output corresponding problem analysis 、 Positioning and optimization suggestions , So as to help developers develop higher quality applications .

Last week, I also pushed a source code analysis of the Caton analysis :

Wechat self-study APM tool Matrix Katon analysis tools Trace Canary

2) sound of dripping water booster

Android  You should know this  | 3  period

Booster It's simple and easy to use designed for mobile applications 、 Lightweight 、 Powerful and scalable quality optimization toolkit , It provides dynamic discovery and extensibility , In other words ,Booster It's also a quality optimization framework for mobile applications .

4. Other high quality 、 Interesting projects

1) Match the regularity of mobile phone number

We often see this demand in the group .

A set of regular expressions that match phone numbers .


One share GitHub The interesting 、 Entry-level open source projects . Let you find the fun of programming , Welcome to recommend 、 Self recommendation project .

I paid attention to this library very early , I didn't expect to keep updating , Now it has 37 It's time , Can help you find some interesting projects .

Android  You should know this  | 3  period


With 《 You're not used to RxJava, Just because the key is missing 》 This article begins with , “ take SQL To metaphorize RxJava The operator ” Of opinion , Well written , But the content is still very little , I hope the author will update this series more .

Android  You should know this  | 3  period

Why don't you do the most boring thing in history —— Cut every pixel to the limit like a designer , Like an engineer, apply engineering design patterns and principles to the writing of every function , Fight boredom in a boring way —— It's a product for boredom Android Developer's operator training tool .


Android  You should know this  | 3  period

All kinds of languages .gitigore, There's another. as plug-in unit , It will be more convenient .

5. play Android TODO The app goes online & Open source version

The project is based on playing Android website Todo Api Very simple to develop 、 Easy to use list management applet , Management of ideas and to-do items .

Android  You should know this  | 3  period
Scan the code to use

TODO API Totally https Of , So it's very convenient to make small programs .

Development API Address :

6. Visual algorithm learning

Algorithms have always been boring , I didn't expect to have such a website , It can run and learn various algorithms visually .

The following figure for Java Run bubble sort algorithm , In operation , Diagram the whole process , And printing log, It should be noted that , Most algorithms are javascript Realized ,java There is a small part , Algorithm this thing , Cross language learning is also possible .

Android  You should know this  | 3  period
7. Tips

1)Android Studio Break point directly Log.

When we found a bug When , As long as there is debug package , Directly atatch debug, But some code that executes very frequently may not be suitable for breakpoint blocking , Need to add a log .

Routine to add Log, And then packing can take a few minutes or more , After that, we have to delete debug log.

Some third parties jar,aar You can't add it manually inside or outside log Code. .

actually , Not only has the function of blocking breakpoints , Can also directly not block the printing log.

At the breakpoint , Right click to see :

Android  You should know this  | 3  period
And then Suspend Get rid of , The advanced panel appears :

Android  You should know this  | 3  period
stay Evaluate and log The place of , You can fill in various object execution methods of the current breakpoint context , Here's the print i .

Android  You should know this  | 3  period

Finally, pay attention to the printed Log stay Debug Of Console panel , It's not our usual Logcat panel , If you haven't used it , Remember to try !

I'll try to add a tip to each issue as much as possible , I hope you read the text at the same time , You can practice it , The tips are simple , But they're very practical !

This series contains a lot of big companies to share , Although most of them are very difficult , however , I still hope you can escape from your comfort zone , It's hard to understand things that are really resistant , But these contents only contain more knowledge points which distinguish them from others .

Don't enjoy having a problem again , Take a look at Baidu , Just recite it , Or a sip of chicken soup , Stay in this “ It's like learning ” The state of mind of .

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See you next time !

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