Mainly update some information that you should know .

It should be noted that :

This series doesn't gossip about some interesting things on the Internet , Even if the content is more heated .

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Android You should know this | 3 period

1. Googe IO relevant

I won't list it in detail , The main list of some developers need to pay attention to .

Flutter The whole platform road begins ~

Flutter The whole platform dominates ! newly added Web And embedded target platforms

Android Developer related

About the latest Android Q, You have to know 8 thing

Google I/O 2019 Android What developers focus on ?

2. Big factory share

Jingdong Technology

arbitrarily URL Jump bug fix with JDK in getHost() The pit between methods

We'll use it again scheme Also pay attention to ~

Alipay App Optimize the three links

Analysis of Alipay Client Architecture :Android Client start speed optimization 「 Garbage collection 」

Alipay App Build optimization resolution : Optimized by package rearrangement Android End boot performance

Alipay App Build optimization resolution :Android Package size is extremely compressed

History sharing :

  • Baidu APP technology : Android H5 First screen Optimization Practice

  • sohu : In depth understanding of Flutter Multithreading

  • Ctrip : From wisdom to action Android The project looks at the practice of component architecture

  • Google: Flutter What you need to know | FAQ・ The third phase

  • Netease strict selection of technical experts interpretation ABTest Design and principle

  • Talk about meituan APP Yes Crash The road to governance of

  • Youzan micro Mall -Android Componentization scheme

3. GitHub relevant

Last time it was released Github Private libraries are free to users , And support a limited number of users to collaborate , Don't forget to be in Github Try to build a private library on .

Besides github The package management service was released last week , In the future, our open source library version will be released , Can be directly in github I've finished .

Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period

It's still in the testing phase , You can apply through this link :

4. High quality open source projects

Leetcode Algorithm diagram

Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period

You can watch the animation of a question :
Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period
picture source :

Algorithms have always been a pain point for everyone ,leetcode It's also a good platform for writing questions , Some of the questions are really difficult .

The library presents solutions in the form of animation LeetCode The idea of the problem .

I will try my best to LeetCode All the above problems are demonstrated in the form of animation , Plan to use 3 To 4 Years to finish it , Looking forward to witnessing this day with you !

Regular expression learning

Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period
Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period
Very complete tutorial , And each tutorial supports online practice , But the network needs to be good .

6. Resume related

github There's a resume collection on it , It provides Android Programmer Resume Template :

Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period

There was a dynamic resume before , At first glance, it's interesting , It's more suitable for the front end :

Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period

Ali's blankj Also in the github Gave his own resume :

Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period

The above resume scheme is for reference only , Not as like as two peas , I don't really agree with some of them .

in addition , A good resume depends on your own good resume .

7. Tips

The last issue of the skills to show you next , How to use breakpoints without blocking , Run add log .

Android You should know this | 3 period

This issue is still related to breakpoints , Breakpoints can also be used at run time , Dynamically modify parameters , Execute different logic .

Android 「 Help you grow 」 The content of  | 4  period
Dependence is the breaking point , Then you can go to Debug Of Variables panel , add to + Number , Then do some code logic execution .

For example, in this case ,test The method parameter is context, I dynamically modified it to context = context.getApplicationContext

This technique , Can help you :

  1. Dynamically modify the execution logic , Modify parameters, etc

  2. Perform some simple logical methods

  3. Get the value of an object in the current context

Okay , I'll try to add a tip to each issue as much as possible , I hope you read the text at the same time , You can practice it , The tips are simple , But they're very practical !

This series contains a lot of big companies to share , Although most of them are very difficult , however , I still hope you can escape from your comfort zone , It's hard to understand things that are really resistant , But these contents only contain more knowledge points which distinguish them from others .

I wanted to be the first one , But there's a collaboration between the headlines and the class , I can not bear it. , There are fewer people watching the second article at a time , Seeing is fate .

If you think this series is good , You can see it in the lower right corner , Learn about popularity .

See you next time !

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