If you pay more attention to this number , You should know , Recently, there's a series of :

I share in a group Android It's like I've shared so much that no one talks ... 2 period

I share in a group Android It's like I've shared so much that no one talks ...1 period

It's probably a similar question :

 Come out   play Android  Q & a online
 Come out   play Android  Q & a online
I ask questions in a group every day .

I said at the time :

I'm going to play Android Do a question and answer function of leaning nature .

Tell the truth , At first I refused , Because Q & A may not work , Second, it's complicated 、 There are risks .

Let's start with complexity and risk :

This feature is for a professional team , It may be easier to say , But for someone like me Android The player , Go to the server alone , It's a lot of work .

Because Q & A involves leaving messages , If you want to leave a message, consider building a building , And add a little like , Who will like me in the future , What comments did I like , Who did I comment on , Who commented on me , Comment delete , cascading deletion , It takes a long time to think about it ...

The question of risk , Because the user can input , Technically, we have to consider all kinds of ***,xss etc. , And then consider the risk of speech .

Let's not talk about it , It's all tears .

Okay , After my unremitting efforts , We have a prototype .

Now I've tried to send out a few questions on the website :

 Come out   play Android  Q & a online
 Come out   play Android  Q & a online

 Come out   play Android  Q & a online
I will send out a question and answer from time to time , You can easily see it on the front page .

Of course , I can only play Android This ability is provided by the , As for the quality of Q & A , We need to rely on participation , If no one answers , Then it's meaningless .

So I said at the beginning that I was worried that this function didn't work .

As for how useful it can be , We need your support .

You can try to answer every day , It won't happen , Learn and summarize ; I'll meet you , Answer directly .

I hope this kind of communication , Being able to play Android A large number of meaningful questions and answers are left on the website , Can provide valuable content for people who need to learn .

Although the current environment is really not very good , I still hope to do something with you , I'm willing to give my time 、 energy 、 Even some money to do it well .


Q & a list of my comments

Who replied to my list

List of comments I like

Who likes the list for me

Personal information is perfect

github One click login

And some experience problems

All in rapid development ...

Finally, let's say one more paragraph , I haven't written to you about playing Android Put in some bad information , In fact, do such a website , Except for the energy problem , There is still some pressure behind it .

If you pay more attention to the website , You should know , In the beginning, I spent a lot of energy to provide you with a mockapi The function of , But this function has been abused a lot , There is some bad information , At first I tried to audit , Plus monitoring , Delete regularly every week , I hope this function can survive .

Until one day , Suddenly someone came straight to me , It means that someone has taken advantage of mockapi Did something bad , It's already caused them some losses , And give some evidence ...

I was a little panicked at the time , And then realize the seriousness of the problem , I really don't have a way to review everything submitted by everyone , So this function is permanently lost , So go ahead and cherish it .


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