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Android It's worth going into | 5 period

1. Google relevant

Google Play Demand from 19 year 8 Month begins , stay Google Play Applications on must contain native 64 Bit version .

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Provide... For applications 64 Bit native support | Android Chinese teaching video

Cheng Xiang Mo Ying's adaptation 64 position CPU Architecture details article

Of course, the government also gives some adaptation schemes , And with video :


I wanted to put the video directly in the article , Think about copyright risks , Calculate, calculate, calculate , Just click on the first related article to see .

2. The company shares

Netease media technology team

Netease big data | Secrets of Internet product decision making : AB test

A/B Test I didn't pay much attention to , But since it made the headlines , Almost every day , I suggest that you understand .

High tech

Android Native A systematic solution to memory leaks

Instant technology team

ConstraintLayout Introduction and actual combat

Day after day P Picture of the siege lion

examples Constraint Layout( 3、 ... and )—— Performance evaluation
Android P And Smart Linkify

History sharing :

  • Baidu APP technology : Android H5 First screen Optimization Practice

  • Jingdong Technology : arbitrarily URL Jump bug fix with JDK in getHost() The pit between methods

  • Analysis of Alipay Client Architecture :Android Client start speed optimization 「 Garbage collection 」

  • Alipay App Build optimization resolution : Optimized by package rearrangement Android End boot performance

  • Alipay App Build optimization resolution :Android Package size is extremely compressed

  • sohu : In depth understanding of Flutter Multithreading

  • Ctrip : From wisdom to action Android The project looks at the practice of component architecture

  • Google: Flutter What you need to know | FAQ・ The third phase

  • Netease strict selection of technical experts interpretation ABTest Design and principle

  • Talk about meituan APP Yes Crash The road to governance of

  • Youzan micro Mall -Android Componentization scheme

  • Are you hungry : What you need to know Java Bytecode knowledge

  • Hungry? Logistics :Java On dynamic programming

  • Bytes to beat : QR code scanning optimization

  • Netease media technology team :AOP Technology in the client application and practice

Don't ask me why I post history , First of all, few students will click on the previous issues , In fact, many articles can be viewed by clicking directly , Let it out for you to see ;

both , I'm afraid of repeating articles , How embarrassing .

3. Big factory open source project

tencent QMUI

I have the impression that the warehouse of auxiliary class is very popular , So the corresponding one is UI The relevant project should belong to this project .

Almost all of the UI effect , There are also some auxiliary classes .

Android  High quality technology sharing  | 6  period
It has two main functions :

  1. We independently develop some personal projects or not UI Design projects , So it's very fast to use , And the style is unified , There is a certain basic design effect . If you do personal projects , For projects like this that help you code quickly, you might as well have a few .

  2. Because it's an open source project , So there's a lot of compatibility in it ( Status bar related, etc ), Animation processing 、UI All the effects can be learned .

History recommends

4. Android Open source project analysis

It seems that I have recommended this author before , It doesn't matter , It's OK to recommend so many times .
Android  High quality technology sharing  | 6  period

The basic framework of the more popular have done source code analysis .

Then maybe some students ask , Someone else wrote , Can I just look at it ?

No , It is highly recommended that you analyze it by yourself , It seems that it is difficult to combine with other people's source code analysis , Finally, I summarize .

If you do , And willing to share like the author , You can contact me to contribute , I'd love to share it with you in technical week .

5. screwing Framework Related series

It's great Framework Series articles , You can pay attention to it , I haven't seen such a series for a long time , I hope the author can stick to it , Recent .

screwing Android_View How it works everything you need to know

screwing Android_Handler Mechanism everything you need to know

screwing Android_App The boot process ( contain Activity The boot process )

screwing Android_AOSP The build process

screwing Android_Service Start process analysis ( One )

screwing Android_Service Binding process analysis ( Two )

6. High quality open source projects

recommend 3 A stray project

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