Nearly period of time , Zaodu Jun has already shared the information of eight recruitment issues , One of the children's shoes that has made the headlines today offer, Does anyone else have ?

Today's recommended recruitment information is through contribution . Early read Jun to see a few of their company's game, there is a familiar flavor . Well, today's recommended company is Guangzhou Baitian .

The text starts here ~

Web Front-end development engineer ( Cross border e-commerce direction )

Number of recruiters :2-3 people


1、 be responsible for PC/ Mobile terminals Web The front-end development ;

2、 Conduct business function requirement analysis , Finish coding , Ensure the progress and quality of the project ;

3、 Deep understanding of front end technology , Be able to think independently , And work creatively .


1、 Bachelor degree or above ,1-3 Years of working experience in Internet front end development , Experience in e-commerce is preferred ;

2、 Master HTML、CSS、Javascript, Can skillfully develop in line with W3C standard 、 Compatible with all browser pages ;

3、 Have a good command of Ajax、JSP technology , Experience in front and back end integration is preferred ;

4、 be familiar with HTML5、CSS3, On the mobile terminal Web I have a certain understanding of technology ;

5、 There are solutions 、 Interest and ability to delve into new technologies , Good communication skills 、 A high sense of responsibility ;

6、 Good at communication and expression , Have a good team spirit .

place : Guangzhou

Send your resume to email Indicate the : Front end early reading class )

Company introduction

Guangzhou Baitian Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 year 6 month , Focus on the R & D and operation of children's Internet products , It includes 《 Obi island 》、《 Aurora 》、《 Dragon fighter 》、《 The legend of Ogilvy 》、《 The odge war 》、《 Ask him 》 And other Internet products loved by Chinese children , It has become the first choice for hundreds of millions of Chinese children to surf the Internet .

at present , The total number of effective registered users of Guangzhou Baitian's products has exceeded 2 Billion , Such a huge number of users , Let Guangzhou Baitian become the absolutely leading group of Chinese children's Internet products . Guangzhou Baitian employees at present 800 people , Office space 7000 Square meters , Has been in 2014 year 4 month 10 Listing in Hong Kong (02100.HK).

2015 year 5 month , Children's online game developer and operator Baiao family interaction officially announced the acquisition of Hong Kong's maternal and infant products retail store Bumps toBabes74.9% Equity of , And put in 2 A joint venture with the company , Mother and baby e-commerce in mainland China .10 month , E-commerce website ( And APP(Bumps Maternal and infant ) go online , It aims to bring high-quality maternal and child care products and scientific parenting philosophy to Chinese mothers .