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Truth: Why did red hat abandon CentOS for CentOS stream?

No , This is not IBM I'm giving orders . The decision was made for business reasons , And the decision has a long history .

When CentOS Of Linux Red hat, the parent company, announced that it would focus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux(Red Hat Enterprise Linux)(RHEL) A new version of CentOS Linux Transfer To CentOS Stream On , and CentOS Stream The tracking is just at the current time RHEL Before the release , quite a lot CentOS The user is going to faint .

stay Hacker News On , The main comment is ,“ Imagine , If you're running a business , and be based on 10 The promise of life expectancy is deployed CentOS 8 . Now you're all done , And Red Riding Hood knows all this . Why on earth don't they follow CentOS 9 Start doing this transformation ??! Let's not whitewash the issue . They betrayed us .”

stay Reddit/Linux On , Another growled :“ from CentOS 4 since , Our open source projects are all based on the latest CentOS Version of , Our flagship products run in CentOS 8 On , We Already Bet everything on what they promised 2029 year 5 month 31 In the daily life cycle .”

Claim to be “Unix The best in the universe Linux Blog ”,nixcraft, One has more than 20 Popular tweets posted by 10000 subscribers' accounts say :Oracle Acquired Sun company , Solaris Unix、Sun The server / Workstations and MySQL Was transferred to /dev/null.IBM Buy red hat :CentOS Went to the >/dev/null. Please note that . If one day Oracle、IBM、MS When big manufacturers buy your favorite software , Please start the migration as soon as possible .”

A lot of other people have joined this irritating CentOS Users make complaints about the mission , Think their favorite Linux Being taken away is IBM The fault of . Others screamed at red hat for betraying Kaiyuan itself .

Why did red cap do this ? Red hat's CTO Chris Wright Launch CentOS Stream Time says :“ developer ...... It needs to be earlier [ stay 2019 year 9 month ] Access code , Improve and work more transparently with a broader partner community , And can influence new RHEL The direction of the version .CentOS Stream It is to address these needs that .”

In short , One reason is to open up red hat enterprises Linux(RHEL) Code for . primary CentOS Board members 、 extended Fedora Linux contributor 、 Red hat senior community architect Karsten Wade Further explanation in a blog post :

RHEL Its own development is still behind red hat's firewall . This has been going on for nearly 20 years . For the open source development ecosystem , This has always been an important , And it's often a painful gap —— It's still with 2003 It's the same open gap as last year .

This is where we are today . Shift the focus of the project to CentOS Stream What you do on the Internet , It's to fill this open gap in some key areas . Essentially , Red hat is through CentOS From RHEL To the downstream RHEL Upstream , To fill Fedora and RHEL There is a gap between development and contribution .

Yes , This is true . Part of the reason is that red cap is Fedora and RHEL Open between the last 、 Important steps . Another part of the official reason is , just as Wright said ,CentOS Stream As RHEL The next step is “ Scroll Preview ”, Both in kernel and function, it can be used in today's containerization 、 Cloud native IT The world . After all ,Facebook Already in CentOS Stream Derivative Linux It runs millions of servers on the operating system .

therefore ,Wright continued , although “CentOS Stream Not at all CentOS Linux substitute , contrary , It's a natural 、 The inevitable next step , It aims to realize the project and further promote the development of enterprises Linux The goal of innovation .” Yes ,CentOS Stream Not one you can run for years 、 Stable version of Linux Server distribution , But it's what cloud centric companies need , To deploy “ Containerized applications and cloud native Services , With rapid hardware innovation and ecosystem to software as a service (SaaS)....... This is what we think CentOS Stream The advantage is . It provides a platform for rapid innovation at the community level , But there's a stable enough base to understand production trends .”

Yes , It's also true . however , They're not the whole story . Here's what red hat will release on a regular basis CentOS The real reason for laissez faire .

Red hat didn't talk about it at all , But red hat Linux Vice president of Engineering Mike McGrath stay ITPro Today Accept on Christine Hall Interview , And let the secret out .“ What I want to say is , For us , The biggest problem is CentOS In fact, it doesn't provide so much use for red hat . Most of the communities we build , such as Fedora, There's really a lot of two-way community participation . Unfortunately ,CentOS It's never been like this . It has always been a community of users , So that contribution model is mostly one-way .”

Let me repeat ,“CentOS In fact, it doesn't provide so much use for red hat .” It never . and , There are a lot of Red Riding Hood veterans who know this from day one , They don't like it at all .

You know who's using CentOS Do you ? A short list includes Disney 、GoDaddy、Rackspace、 Toyota and Verizon. Besides , There are dozens of companies around CentOS Building products . These companies include GE、Riverbed、F5、Juniper and Fortinet. Red hat from these CentOS Of “ Customer ” How much money did you make ? zero !

stay CentOS Blog , One dissatisfied user said :“ The whole premise , It's also The only one who uses CentOS Why , It's because it reconstructs RHEL. Congratulations on breaking this , Idiot .”

you 're right , This is also CentOS for CentOS Stream The biggest reason for abdication .

No one at red hat wants to say that publicly , But many red hat executives tell me , That's what happened .

One said :“ This is related to IBM Almost nothing . stay 2018 Before the news of the acquisition in the fall of 2008 , We are discussing this in detail . There are two internal reasons . First , Engineering and sales can't figure out how to position themselves in their respective product portfolios CentOS. and , hold CentOS The idea of becoming upstream started with 2014 year , at that time Jim Perrin [ Former Red Hat developers and CentOS Board members , Now he is the chief project manager of Microsoft ] stay 2014 In Brazil Fórum Internacional de Software Livre(FISL) It's about the possibility . And it turns out CentOS Special interest group (SIG), This is a CentOS Stream The beginning of the road .”

A former Red Hat executive admitted that :“CentOS In the corner of sales . The customer's view is ‘ It's from red hat , yes RHEL The clone , So it works very well ! ’ It's not . It's a second rate copy .” From his standpoint ,“ this 100% It's defense , To avoid CentOS Causing more damage .”

Another former Red Riding Hood official said . If it wasn't for CentOS, Before red hat became a billion dollar business , Red hat is already a $10 billion company .

Another red hat employee pointed out that :“ have a look CentOS Of FAQ, It's right there that says ——

CentOS Linux Not subject to Red Hat Any support from the company .
CentOS Linux No Red Hat Linux, No Fedora Linux, also No Red Hat Enterprise Linux, it No RHEL.CentOS Linux No contain Red Hat Linux、Fedora or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
CentOS Linux No Red Hat Enterprise Linux The clone .
CentOS Linux By Red Hat, Inc by Red Hat Enterprise Linux Open source code provided , In a completely different (CentOS Project maintenance ) Build in the system .

We don't owe you anything .”

This may make some of you very angry with red hat . however , Before you get angry , Let me ask you some questions first .CentOS Of “ Customer ” by CentOS How much contribution ? I'm not talking about money . I'm talking about code 、 Documentation and support . All this open source community should give back . The answer is : Hardly any , Close to nothing .

stay CentOS Work safely Dick Morrell On twitter :“ Community [ yes ] Defined by cooperation and interaction . If @CentOSProject It's a residential development project for community construction , It will enjoy the expansion contributed by those who benefit from and use its facilities 、 Floors and functions .” Morrell continued :“ However @CentOSProject It's been a constant gift of kindness , And now those who complain never come forward with bricks 、 Cement or glass to expand this product .”

Can you really blame red hat for doing what an enterprise should do ? Making money while serving their paid community ? I understand why people are angry with red riding hood . It's a problem of poor communication . With a year's warning, it's cut off CentOS 8 Support for , Of course, this has brought a lot of people's dissatisfaction . But if you're one of those people who are angry at Red Riding Hood right now , Before you get too smug , You may have to reflect on yourself first , Think of you for CentOS What's the payoff .

Last , If you still can't stand Red Riding Hood, yeah CentOS How to do it , And others Linux succedaneum . and , There are at least two “ classic ” Of CentOS Build version ,CloudLinux Of Project Lenix and Rocky Linux For your consideration .

via: https://www.zdnet.com/article/why-red-hat-dumped-centos-for-centos-stream/ 

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