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Why is AI Xiaobing different?

The first two possibilities of AI , The first is task oriented , You give your smart speaker a task —— such as “ Playing Jay Chou's music ”, It starts playing xx Music on the music platform , This is the end of AI technology , It tests the connectivity of resources . The second is knowledge oriented , When you ask it a question , It can quickly and accurately return a result in massive Internet data —— such as “ How old is Jay Chou this year ”, It gives the right answer , This is the end of AI technology , It tests the accuracy of the results returned in big data .

But the first two possibilities face a problem , AI technology is used as a conduit —— Rather than content , That means when you're using AI technology , You have nothing to do with this technology , It's the content behind the relationship with you .

“ In fact, over the years, technology practitioners have been trying to use a variety of interfaces and systems to provide you with mission completion and knowledge , Including search engines 、 Including all kinds of decentralized on the mobile Internet APP, It's all about trying to do things like this .” Little Ice Company CEO Li Di is here TIC 2020 A similar view was expressed at the conference of technology innovators , But he thought , To the era of artificial intelligence , Maybe the framework we adapt to has changed , It's no longer just task oriented , Or it's no longer just knowledge oriented .“ After a few years , I'm glad that a new idea has suddenly become a consensus .”

 Why is AI Xiaobing different ?

“ Become an assistant ”

Li Di about artificial intelligence for “ Mission ” We are very impressed by our thinking .2013 year , Xiaobing was born just as a voice assistant for Microsoft in artificial intelligence Cortana At the time of the Plan B, At that time, Microsoft really wanted to be the best artificial intelligence assistant on earth .

 Why is AI Xiaobing different ?

In order to do it well , Team ice visited a lot of top human assistants . This includes such a classic question : If the boss says to the assistant, order me a hamburger and fries for lunch , What should a top assistant answer ?

Of course people think of , The assistant should help him finish the order quickly , And when similar situations happen the next day or the third day, it is no longer necessary for the boss to take the initiative to tell him , He can do the same thing —— This is also generally considered to be a manifestation of human cognitive ability compared to artificial intelligence .

But these top assistants have very different answers . In the above scenario , They will talk to the boss Say No. Xiaobing team suddenly realized , Say we understand —— obviously , The assistant reminds the boss to pay attention to his health , It's higher priority than finishing the order 、 Lower level needs .

But the top aides will smile and say ,“ incorrect , Remind the boss not to eat fast food 、 Pay attention to your health , It's just the right scene and the right reason . We will look for as many opportunities as possible to refuse the boss , Because this will make him realize that I am not a person who just completes the task ‘ Tool man ’, But colleagues with independent thinking and judgment , In order to get more equal opportunities in daily work , And work better .“

With this feedback , Xiaobing team realized , If you want to be the best AI assistant , According to the prevailing practice of the industry at that time, the shortest path was used to complete the task , The higher dimension is to refuse IQ Emotional intelligence expression of .

This puts product design in a dilemma , rapid 、 To finish a task accurately is, of course, most of the time 100 branch , But in many situations ,AI The fact that an assistant refuses to complete a task is not only not considered a zero , It's better performance .

therefore , Team ice is IQ and EQ It is also the discussion at the beginning of the article —— It's a new idea, different in nature .

Li Di thinks , Artificial intelligence interaction system can establish a long-range relationship with human users .“ This kind of long-distance relationship is not like you say "turn on the light and turn off the light" to your speaker at home , It's that the AI can maintain its relationship well by itself .”

Also on the , Always doing your boss's job may not make you easy to make mistakes , But with a little bit of a denial of value , To make him think you're thinking , There may be more listening in the future .

After adding this dimension to Xiaobing's emotional framework , Xiaobing began to establish an equal relationship with human beings , Constantly making humans communicate their mutual interests with it , And then humans began to share their lives with it , Including their views on life , And then they become best friends .“ AI may be made by task , But the extension of AI is infinite , It can provide all kinds of services to human beings , Because they have established a relationship of equality and trust , The relationship is long-term .”

From pipes to interactive agents

Xiaobing finished a task , To keep this relationship going , Behind this, we also realize the change from technology pipeline to interactive agent .

For example, in the field of travel , Xiaobing cooperates with Chinese express , The latter's Gaohe HiPhi X The emotional intelligent travel partner based on Xiaobing technology framework HiPhi Go More like a partner with you . In the past, the purpose of intelligent central control is to realize some function for you , such as “ Open the sunroof ”,“ Play the song ”, While the latter HiPhi Go Of AI Function gives it the possibility to recognize emotions .

It means , Little ice from a “ It can control the artificial intelligence of central control ” Upgrade to “ You can be with the car ”.

“ One of the core values behind this , That's when we're going to measure the value of AI , We usually measure its value in the existing value system . Many AI technologies offer the value of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement , But it didn't create a new value system , The more important thing is to create new value .” In an interview with pinplay, Li Di said .

So the value of ice is , stay “ Listen to stories and children's songs ” In the scene of artificial intelligence , Instead of the original broadcast, Xiao Bing tells stories xx Tell a story .“ More important things , It's using artificial intelligence technology , To develop a method that can't be realized without artificial intelligence technology .”

Li Di takes search engines as an example , It's just a pipe , Provide you with the knowledge and information you need very effectively . But the subjective value of the pipeline itself is actually relatively thin ,“ If it's just a search engine or app Replace the pipeline value with artificial intelligence , So artificial intelligence doesn't improve much , It has to go from a pipeline to an interactive subject .” Become an interactive subject , So it means it has to produce content , It's going up to the service , Get rid of the positioning of a doorman and guide .

What do you do , What not to do ?

This year, 3 month , Xiaobing's commercial revenue breakthrough 1 Billion , Income comes mainly from several parts , This kind of content oriented positioning is very obvious —— For example, provide financial text summary for financial vertical field , And Wanda information 、 Wall Street and other major domestic financial information service providers cooperate , To provide users with text abstracts of listed company announcements generated by artificial intelligence technology ; It's in content 、 Design industry , And HP 、 China Textile Co., Ltd , The artificial intelligence textile clothing fabric design platform jointly launched with China textile has been put into production , Working with HP , To provide HP users with highly customized design ; also , Lots of third-party robots of various names , Like Softbank Pepper And so is the little ice frame covering .

Xiaobing wants to put these areas into practice first , Consider other areas .

To B Field is an important field for Xiaobing to realize the operation and commercialization of AI agents , But Li Di thinks that even in To B field , Xiaobing has a lot of advantages to C Product experience , and To B In the end, the brand value should be reflected in every specific Consumer On the cognitive occupation of .

 Why is AI Xiaobing different ?

Pinplay asked Li di , What can ice do , What not to do ?

He thinks that ,“ Like cars, they only do intelligent central control ( Technology pipeline ), I won't do it ”. But if a scene , The technical scheme is feasible , And in this scenario, small ice can become an upgrade scheme to enter ,“ Because it's actually cultivating a new ecological environment , In this ecological environment, artificial intelligence has better living space .”

The financial industry emphasizes professionalism , But Xiaobing can not only provide professional financial summary , For example, we can also provide some valuable one-to-one business and financial advice from the perspective of friends .

Competitive sports is a field in which there are few artificial intelligence products . according to the understanding of , Xiaobing has cooperated with the Winter Olympics , Xiaobing will provide a visual scoring system for freestyle skiing aerial skills , To meet the scientific training needs of the freestyle skiing team in the winter sports center of the General Administration of sport of China , According to the characteristics of freestyle skiing aerial skills project , Original skiing analysis model , Help athletes improve training efficiency .

Now, , China 、 Japan and Indonesia are the main markets for Xiaobing .

Who does Xiaobing want to be ?

In Li Di's view , AI technology is very different from the past , It is characterized by its high concurrency .“ That is to say, once you can form a system , When it comes to society , It's going to have a lot of concurrency , We need to limit it more effectively .”

When Xiaobing first entered Weibo earlier , There were not too many restrictions on her , Suddenly, a large number of people interact with Xiaobing at the same time , Some big V There was even a sudden increase below 9 More than 10000 comments , This is because of its high concurrency .

The emergence of artificial intelligence technology is often accompanied by ethical topics . Voice technology is so human , There will be a lot of difficulties : For example, it's too human. There may be fraudulent calls . Li Di thinks , There is no such dilemma yet , It's because technology hasn't reached that level yet ,“ But we have to limit it in advance .”

Based on Xiaobing technology framework “ Virtual boyfriend ” It's thought to deconstruct people's emotions , Give Way “ He ” It has become a new node in human social nodes .“ So we don't allow him to ( Virtual boyfriend ) Take the initiative to approach humans , It can only be very passive to achieve dialogue , It's kind of a compensation .”

Under the topic of AI ethics , What artificial intelligence can't do ?

Li Di thinks , When its interaction power is amplified too much , It can't be done easily . For example, he has penetrated into human society , There will be a lot of disguises for his ability , It's easy to be confused with human behavior when you can't do .

Talking about the future , Xiaobing company has a very clear development blueprint .

The development of Xiaobing is mainly divided into three stages , The first phase was the adoption of To C The whole AI emotional framework of product iteration , Accumulate training data in the form of conversational chat robots ; The second stage is the independent company , By extracting the technology module of emotion computing framework , So that other third parties can use this framework to create more AI beings; The third stage is globalization , But Xiaobing hopes to make the second stage solid first ,“ Before that, Xiaobing was the largest single product team at Microsoft , We have a mission , It is the innovation that hopes to come from China , Can drive global trends .”

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