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Stanford uses algorithms to distribute vaccines? There are only seven front-line medical staff

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"Fxck the Algorithm!"

Artificial intelligence fire these years , There are not a few people who are against it , But this time , Shout out this “ Algorithm to death ” Of , It's the doctors at Stanford University School of Medicine .

What's going on? ? It has to come from 5000 Let's talk about zhixinguan vaccine .

A few days ago , The Stanford Hospital says there's a vaccine available , And will give priority to the injection of employees , This brings a glimmer of hope to doctors who take care of patients with new crowns day and night . however , After all, the number of the first vaccines was small , So Stanford Hospital set up a vaccination program .

But according to the plan announced last week ,5000 A precious new crown vaccine , Only 7 They were assigned to health care workers who were in direct contact with patients with new crowns .

It annoys the front-line medical staff , On Friday morning , about 100 A number of relevant residents and medical staff launched a protest together , Holding the slogan and asking the Stanford leadership to answer , Why at Stanford Hospital 1300 Many front-line medical staff , Only seven people were selected to be vaccinated .

The Council of major residents wrote to the Stanford leadership on Thursday night , Expressing anger and disappointment .


“ We know a lot of senior staff , They have been since 2020 year 3 I've been working from home since the start of the March pandemic , There was no personal care for the patient , But in this round of vaccination was selected as the vaccinator .”


Stanford apologizes publicly

The idea is to use algorithms to develop a fairer distribution mechanism

According to an email sent to other healthcare workers by a representative of the protester , A spokesman for Stanford University has apologized publicly , And explain that , The problem is because an algorithm is used to distribute the first distribution of the vaccine .


According to the official reply from Stanford University , The algorithm gives priority to the characteristics of medical staff who are at the highest risk of infection with the new coronavirus , For example, older 、 At present, I work in a hospital 、 Close to the high risk area of epidemic situation and other factors .

however , The front-line medical staff are generally younger employees , There's no fixed real estate address yet , And they're usually younger , So it's low on the list of priorities .


The vaccine was distributed from Pfizer (Pfizer), Its coronavirus vaccine was obtained last week FDA Emergency approval , So it's being promoted all over the country , In order to provide medical staff with as much dose as possible .


The reply also states that , More vaccines will be distributed soon , Next week there will be 15000 Vaccines arrive , As a result, more health care workers will be able to vaccinate .


however , For the specific process and content of the algorithm , Stanford University has yet to offer .


In giving 《 Forbes 》 In a statement , Stanford also publicly apologized , by “ There was a mistake in implementing our vaccine distribution plan ” Assumed liabilities , And said they would develop a revised vaccine distribution order .


“ Our goal is to develop a more rational vaccine distribution program .” Stanford said in a statement :“ We apologize to our entire community , Including our residents , Siblings and other front-line care providers , They have done well in the new outbreak .”


“ We would like to thank the community for their concerns about the development and implementation of the vaccine distribution plan . We take full responsibility , And apologize to everyone . We are fully aware of , We should act more quickly , In order to solve the following problems : The result is something we can't expect .” Stanford says .


If the algorithm is defective, it will be a disaster for others ?

A neurologist involved in planning Friday's protest said , Flaws in algorithms are not excuses .


To the media NPR 's email said :“ Algorithms are artificial , The results have been reviewed by management many times .”

 “ The person who ultimately approves the decision is responsible . It also reflects that there are no department managers or major community participants in the decision-making process .”


You bet , Anyone who knows a little bit about technology knows , No matter how intelligent the algorithm is, people still write it , Even if there is a black box , But after seeing the output , Or you can be immediately aware of the problem . Management should consider the results , And return to reconsider the design algorithm model .


Regarding this ,NYU professor Yann Lecun Also tweeted , The so-called “ Algorithm ” It's probably a data sheet made by someone , It can't be artificial intelligence .


Solving social problems with algorithms , A long way to go

Under the epidemic , AI seems to be taking on more expectations , There is also more room to play in social problems , however , So we have gained a lot of problems .


Except this time "fxck the algorithm” The wave , There is another classic algorithm controversy this year : Because of the outbreak of the new crown , Students can't take the exam , The British government therefore decided to use past performance data , Score with algorithms , As a result, nationwide , The algorithm gives A-Level Number of grades , It's about lower than before 40%.


In order to determine each student's grade , Britain decided to use an algorithm , The algorithm can view the students' simulated test scores and their scores recorded in the previous school tests . Legislators say , Because teachers may try to improve students' grades , So this algorithmic software will help provide a “ More fair ” Result .


But it turns out that , The model has preferential treatment for students from private schools and rich areas , The impact on high achievers from free public schools is particularly severe . Due to the lowering of exam scores , Many students have been disqualified from university , It turned out to be a protest .


The British government finally promised to grant 2020 To review the development of statistical models for annual examination results , But the fruits of these students and families are irreversible .


Again , Except for that 7 The lucky one selected by the algorithm , Other front-line staff at Stanford Hospital , There is also a need to continue to care for new coronavirus patients and fight the new coronavirus , And continue to wait with hope for the distribution of new vaccines ……

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