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My way to certified engineer in elasticsearch

1、 Introduction

I am a 2020 year 4 month 30 The certification passed in Japan , At the invitation of the Lord , Write an experience sharing article , It is also a summary of my certification road . In fact, it is not the same as what many group friends think , I usually write DSL There are not many opportunities , and ES dependent , More about capacity and cost , Decide whether a scene should be used or not , What functions should be designed . Although I usually see a lot of fragmentary ES Relevant knowledge , But I always feel that there is no system , When you think about a problem, you will find that you don't know something about it . So I want to take a test Elastic authentication , Take this opportunity to learn and understand ES The whole system of .

I actually last year 10 I signed up in January . At that time, I was aiming at the discount that can make-up examination at that time , Later, I found that the chance to make up for the exam had to happen in 10 Before the end of the month , And I didn't feel ready to , So I gave up that opportunity . And then until the end of the year , I'm busy with my work , I almost thought I was going to give up . Then it came to the Spring Festival , timely , New crown outbreak , For a long time after the festival , I work remotely from home , In the process , I found that I had more time to spend . I just wanted to , Why not take this opportunity to prepare for certification .

2、 Prepare for the exam

Actually, I really started preparing for the exam 3 month 11 Japan , The group leader has one of the sharing materials excel There are certification test points in the form . According to this list of knowledge points, I made my own number Table for , Record your study every day . According to this record , My first round of knowledge is 4 month 1 It's all over today . A total of flowers. 21 God .

This process , What I basically take is combing --> understand --> The way to sum up , I wrote a total of 21 Blog post ( Including the next stage ), It could add up to more than 20000 words . If you are interested , You can step on it , The address is over here ,https://www.jianshu.com/u/0665e735f216.

The whole process starts with working from home , There's plenty of time , Wrote some long articles . It's back to work , I'll go home in the evening and study , And then write an article , Almost every day 12 A little more . One consequence of this is , I'm excited to finish writing every night , Sometimes it leads to insomnia . Of course , These 21 days are not every day like this , Sometimes we have meetings during the day , If we want to solve difficult problems, we may have League building , It was basically impossible that night .

this 21 The biggest harvest of heaven is that I have formed learning - reflection - Positive feedback on writing , Being able to feel that I'm making progress every day is the biggest motivation that keeps me going . A few days ago, I saw the group leader reading a book , It's teacher Li Xiaolai 《 Treat time as a friend 》, I've read this book, too , The content is very good . There's a point in the book , Writing is one of the most effective and lasting investments in oneself , In the process , You need reflection , summary , refine And communicate your thoughts to others .

4 month 1 At the end of the day , Because it's Tomb Sweeping Day , At the same time, there are some problems that need to be solved , I stopped for a while . In about 4 month 13 It's time to start again , This time I joined the card punching group . This stage is mainly to find out the missing and make up for the real problem , The significance of this process is that it provides a lot of materials for me to use what I have learned before , After all, there are a lot of knowledge , If you can't use it in your daily work , It's hard to think of some application scenarios . In the process , I also met a lot of friends in the group , It's a great pleasure to have a discussion together . Group leader GitHub The real title above , Including Dr 40 Dao Zhen , Some of the questions that have been tested before , I did it all over again , It helps a lot , After I passed the examination, I found that I had seen most of the questions . And then one day , The LORD said to me , You're almost . I think it's true , So I found the account I signed up for before and went to the examination website to make an appointment .

3、 The examination process

I made an appointment for the exam three days in advance , Because I want to go through the real questions and test points again before the exam . It turned out to be a very effective move , Later in the examination process encountered “function_score” It is in this process that we have found out . On the day of the exam, I took a day off to look at knowledge points and real questions at home , The exam time is in the evening 19 Point to 22 spot , Because I'm going to use the company's Science wang, And the night before the holiday is basically no one to work overtime . I bought another one myself In Science wang, However, the network speed is not comparable to the company's dedicated line .

In terms of equipment , I'm using 12 " macbook With an external monitor and keyboard , I'm also lucky , The invigilator allowed me to use these external devices , otherwise , stay macbook Of 12 Inch screen test , I guess I'll see my eyes . The examiner examined my environment very carefully , Every corner of my room came and went back and forth 2 All over , It took a lot of time . Later, I asked me to remove all the icons in the program dock , Turn off all programs except the browser . Back and forth for half an hour . I am a 18:45 At the beginning , It's almost 19:15 Just start the examination program and enter the examination environment .

I was very nervous about the whole process , I started to do the problem when the brain a blank , Typing hands are a little shaking . I have a bad habit , I like to hold my chin in my hand when I think about things , Sometimes I cover my mouth , At this time, the examiner will jump out and tell me that this is not allowed . This happened three times , Basically, as soon as my hand touches my mouth , He'll jump out , I feel that the invigilator is looking at me all the time . The official document on the desk during the exam is a big index , I've never done this before , After a while, I found the right document , This is one of my mistakes , If you can get familiar with , At least save some time . The test clusters are 4 individual , There's a whole page on the test screen that describes this cluster , Take a close look at .

At first it was a little flustered , The previous questions took me a lot of time , After getting used to the back, the speed of doing the problem will be accelerated .20 I just finished at o'clock 2 Problem , here we are 21 I did it 6 Problem , Probably in 21:50 Around I finished all the questions . After that, I'll go back to the previous problem . One is a cross cluster search problem , The position of this problem is relatively high , Because I was so nervous , How to adjust search DSL And you don't get the right results , In the process of checking, it is found that the name of the cluster is wrongly written .

Here's the one mentioned above function_score The real title of .

Indexes movie-1, Saved movie information ,title It's the title ,tags It's the label of the movie .

requirement :

  1. stay title Contained in the “my” perhaps “me”.

    1. If in tags Contained in the "romatic movies", The score of this item is improved , If not, the score remains unchanged .

    Actually, I started with bool search It's done , I don't feel right when I'm done . Because if you use bool Words , No matter how you adjust , It's possible to search for one title Contains no “my” perhaps “me” however tags Contained in the “romatic movies”, Or there's a result my perhaps me, But because tags Contains no “romatic movies” As a result, the document was not included in the search results . And the title means tags This condition should be a bonus . It's time to check later , I thought of using function_score To do it . Maybe it's the tension , I knocked it out DSL stay Kibana There has been no way to correctly analyze , If you check the sentence yourself, you can see nothing wrong with it . I was a little bit like the picture below :

    later , I think , The examples in the official documents are always right , So copy the statement from the official document to kibana in , And then I wrote the query before , Post it , It turned out to be a success .

    At this time, there is still time 6 minute , I feel like I have nothing to do , And make sure that all the questions are correct , So I submitted the answer . The invigilator and I repeatedly confirmed whether to end the examination , At this time, the test environment is automatically disconnected , I saw that the time was 22:14:37. It should just be 3 Hours . After the exam , I took advantage of my own memory to write down this topic . Then go to the group and chat with friends . In the process , I open the mailbox , I found that the test results have come out . The time to read the email is 22:35,20 The result is in minutes , The speed of examination institutions is also very fast .

    4、 The real question

    Now let's list the real questions I still remember :

    • On the cluster allocation-awareness To configure

    • Cross cluster search

    • The synonym of food supplier index that many group friends have seen before Analyzer Search configuration

    • One bool search

    • function_score

    • ES Security settings and role configuration

    • dynamic mapping

    • ingest pipeline + script + reindex

    It's the food supplier problem , Satisfy name Contains a field in , And then back to the product top10 The name of the supplier of .

    I really can't remember the other topic , It doesn't matter , There are some shadows in these questions .

    I would like to highlight two of them . One is even synonymous , A lot of friends in the group reported wrong questions , The total items I searched after I finished were 141 It is consistent with the requirements in the title , It's not in the group friend's post 144, Maybe the official adjusted it later . There's a difference between me and him , Is in the synonym filter I added one before lowercase filter. And then the synonym only sets oz => ounces.

    The other is function_score The subject of , That's what I probably did .

    GET /movie-1/_search
      "query": {
        "function_score": {
          "query": {
            "bool": {
              "should": [
                  "match": {
                    "title": "my"
                  "match": {
                    "title": "me"
          "boost": "5",
          "functions": [
              "filter": {
                "term": {
                  "tags.keyword": "romatic movies"
              "weight": 5

    The advantage of this is that term search It only affects the score , It has no effect on search results .

    But I haven't verified the result , my ES The machine was turned off before , I'll update the result after I verify it later .

    5、 Summary and thanks

    After almost 2 Months of hard work , I finally got it Elastic authentication , And it has benefited a lot in the process .Elastic Certification examination , Also said that difficult difficult , It's not hard to say, but it's not hard . Say it's hard , The difficulty lies in the wide coverage of knowledge points in this examination , Through high standards , Without careful preparation , very difficult Pass the exam . It's not hard to say , Because the examination questions are actually very basic usage method , There are few people who deliberately make the exam difficult . As long as you work hard and prepare carefully, you will be able to pass .

    Finally, I would like to thank a lot of people , First of all Group leader , There is no community , It's hard to find so much comprehensive information on the market , Usually in a group , There are technical problems , The group leader will answer patiently , It helped me a lot . And then there's me ma'am , In these two months , I don't do housework very much , I spend less time with my children , Thank you for your understanding and support . And then my parents , Thank you for taking good care of us and our children , Let me have a lot less worries . And then my kids , Your smile is always my driving force . Finally, thanks to the water friends of the certification group , It's a great pleasure to discuss technical issues with you , I wish the community better and better ! Thank you. .

    PS:  This is the ball player fat tiger 2020-5-2 The share of . By :2020-5-10, There has been a 10 position The ball player passed Elastic Certification engineer examination !

    The starting address :https://articles.zsxq.com/id_ic8aw8lwlw6p.html

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