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Automatic report, zero code for cockpit, I found the top-level replacement of Excel


Do you think , It's not a cost-effective job to make reports ?

Did 3 I am in the annual report , Never vlookup Start learning Excel, In the middle, I also learned some VBA and Access. I thought I was proficient in Excel You can walk all over the world , But the more you get to the back, the more you find yourself in a bottleneck . Leaders want the report to be published as soon as possible , There must be no errors in the data , The chart should be beautiful and visual ...... But since :

  • Excel Data processing capacity and speed are limited , You give me a copy of 100 More than ten thousand pieces of data Excel There's no room for , And it's super slow .
  • Excel The degree of data visualization is not high , It's all based on tables , Data stack , It's hard to find the point , Although you can insert some charts , But flexibility and beauty are not enough , It's also quite cumbersome to set up .
  • Data acquisition trouble , Every time I import data from the company's system , It's quite time consuming , And we have to do repeated data processing .
 Auto report , Zero code for cockpit , I have arrived Excel The top alternative to


I took a cockpit report the other day and asked me if I could make a similar one this week .... I deeply feel the growing strange ideas and Excel The unmatched contradiction between the growth rate of Technology .

Excel Now the biggest pain is that it takes up a lot of resources , It gets stuck every time , It seems that this is not a problem that can be solved by stacking computer resources . There are other solutions, of course : For example, can I change my usage habits , Reduce the use of formulas ( Automatic computing is very resource intensive ), Reduce the emergence of redundant data . But in excel In the context of the use of , All this seems to be hard to avoid . So I thought , Is there any way to find a software to replace excel?

I have traversed all kinds of tools and technologies on the Internet , Also consulted the technical colleagues of the company in charge of database , Basically, it's about writing sql or python, Or directly with the reporting tool . The first two belong to code development , But I only know sql,python The starting point is too high , There is no professional report tool for my major research . Found the enterprise data reporting area of “ succedaneum ”——finereport, I studied and studied for a while .

One 、 The operation is similar to Excel, But the nature and the principle are different , Greatly improve the efficiency of report making

finereport similar Excel Report designer of , menu bar 、 Toolbar and common data processing functions and functions are similar to Excel It's like , It's quite fast for those who have some basic skills .

 Auto report , Zero code for cockpit , I have arrived Excel The top alternative to


But experience it , The principle of making reports and the nature of tools and Excel It's totally different :

Technically speaking ,Excel It can store data directly , Data manipulation directly in the table .finereport It's linked to the database , The operation objects are tables and data fields in the database , The operation process is to link the database , Then drag and drop fields to bind cells , Publish the report template to the server , Show... On the web .

use Excel Performance depends on your computer , So it's easy to crash with a lot of data ; The latter performance depends on the server 、 Database and so on , The computer is purely an intermediate process , So performance is not an order of magnitude .

There are many professional functions in the whole process , Than traditional Excel It's much easier to save time and effort , But learn and adapt . Like connecting to data sources , It doesn't need to be like SQL Write a lot of code like that in the database , Drag fields directly . For example, the link comparison 、 The same period ratio formula , It's all built-in , No need to be like Excel Enter the formula manually as in .

In terms of report making , There are three kinds of professional report design methods

One is the general report , and Excel The operation is almost , The expansion of the cell and the report is based on the expansion of the parent-child relationship . It can be used to make complex reports of various display classes 、 Bill template printing report 、 All kinds of query reports 、 Fill in the statement ...

 Auto report , Zero code for cockpit , I have arrived Excel The top alternative to


The second is aggregate reports , Cut an official picture , There are many report blocks in the report , Each piece is like a separate report or chart . Through different table blocks to join together to form a complex large report , At the same time, the extension between blocks 、 Row height 、 Column widths don't affect each other , Typically, it's common in finance or bills of lading Irregular reports .

 Auto report , Zero code for cockpit , I have arrived Excel The top alternative to


There's also a decision report , Re Visualization , Be similar to BI Visualization , Drag and drop charts and tables to make visual reports , It's a special kind of report , For example, the big screen that I lead is estimated to be made in this way .

 Auto report , Zero code for cockpit , I have arrived Excel The top alternative to


Comparison Excel for , It can only be said that people are really specialized in making reports , One is a professional tool , One is a general tool for daily work .

Two 、 Filling is the highlight , Solve the problem of data interaction

When I did the report summary before , Always wait for data from all parties to be transferred to the database , And let technology export the data , A lot of time is spent communicating and waiting for data . in addition , Every time open 20 Multiple Excel My computer basic fan is whirring , So at that time, I hope there is any script that can automatically do this for me .

This is in FineReport In the use of the process also found a replacement , It was mentioned just now that you can fill in the report form . I let technology help me finereport Connected to the database , Then I finished the template of daily summary data in the designer and sent it to the salesman , They put the Excel Lead in , After the data is verified, it enters the database . And I'm the aggregator , Another query template , Design according to the fixed format of the usual summary , A direct query will bring out the data . Of course, I'm not without effort , In the early stage, I made two templates 、 Bind the data fields , Edit data formats , Lead to follow-up as long as do import Excel And query reports , Once and for all .

 Auto report , Zero code for cockpit , I have arrived Excel The top alternative to


3、 ... and 、 Visual interaction is amazing

I didn't try too much on visualization , The technology is not in place yet , Just trying to drag a few charts , The operation is still very simple , Drag and drop the icon —— Binding data fields —— Set data presentation format .

Leading cockpit , Do all kinds of dashboard.

 Auto report , Zero code for cockpit , I have arrived Excel The top alternative to


And dynamic reports , Data can be drilled and linked , For example, click the region to drill down to the provinces and cities , At the same time, the data of other provinces and cities will be changed , It's still very powerful .

 Auto report , Zero code for cockpit , I have arrived Excel The top alternative to


Compared with Excel, Personal use to summarize some of the differences in feelings .

It can be completely replaced in the field of enterprise report , With the database , Can develop the company's various professional reports, large and small , The report here is more than just Excel report form , Including some data entry 、 Warehouse in and out certificate 、 Financial template printing statements 、 Managing the cockpit and so on , It's all about technology and IT Report developers using , After all, it needs some technical .

But there is no direct comparison between the two , After all, the nature is different ,Excel Can store data 、 Processing data 、 Display data , It can basically solve all kinds of problems , But the more sophisticated the requirements, the higher the skills required , The higher the performance requirements, it's not a simple local Excel It can be solved , Need to go to the database 、 The server .

The details of the assessment are listed here , After evaluation with technical colleagues , You can have a look at

1、 Unified management of report data

use Exce There are many problems in sorting out the data : The data is scattered in everyone's computer , Every collection is email or group @XXX, It's handmade , Then if there is a problem with the data, you have to call it back again , It takes time and labor , The data may not agree yet . If you can access the database and finereport Such a reporting tool , Unified online deployment , Data is stored in the database , Data imported in time will not be lost , A good check format can also avoid the problem of data mismatch , It can realize the real-time display of data .

2、 Fill in online

Use excel Summarize data , It needs to be said by email or other means excel The form is sent to the person who receives the data uniformly , Process complexity , Big workload , While using finereport The filling function of , Only need web The data can be summarized to the database , Avoided excel From one side to another .

3、 Big data support

generally speaking , If your Excel The worksheet can break through in a month 10000 Bar words , It is recommended to use database products at this time , Although in Excel Data conversion can be done between and database , But when Excel When the amount of data is too large , Its query and calculation speed will be significantly reduced . such as : A small supermarket ,10 The cashier receives... Every day 200 Everyone 10 Commodity ,Excel Immediately fall down , You can't do anything at all .finereport Support large data volume , There's absolutely no problem taking hundreds of thousands of data at a time .

4、 Avoid duplication of effort

My department is just a small branch of the company , Basically, each department has one or two full-time reports , Basically, we use excel Their statistics and summary data , If you have a reporting tool , The same report can be reused easily , After a report is made , Other departments can use it directly , It's also very convenient to maintain , Just change this report to realize the unified maintenance of all reports .



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