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How did Thermo Fisher, once trapped in the "data storm" crisis, survive?

Abstract : Nowadays, people's life has been inseparable from a variety of data support and services , And Seymour Fisher (Thermo Fisher Scientific) It is such a company dealing with data detection and analysis , It is the world's largest manufacturer of scientific analytical instruments , And a leader in science services , But it was almost caught in a data storm , Want to know how it was saved in the end ? And listen carefully .

CCTV 《 The weather forecast 》 Column “ Mr. weather ” Song Yingjie once had a very interesting interview . He confessed that one of the most maddening problems in life is “ What's the weather like tomorrow ?”, Whenever friends around him or even passers-by ask him this question , He can't help it from the humidity in the air 、 The temperature 、 wind direction 、 wind 、 Weather trend and other angles to give each other as much as possible a very comprehensive data analysis , But the other side is often gaping at him ——“ Um. , Actually , that , I just want to know if I need a coat or not .”

indeed , Most people don't need to be precise to a few places after the decimal point for their surroundings , Maybe you just need to give a rather general feeling . But we have to admit , It is based on the accurate and professional monitoring data , When the general public opens APP when , In order to feel the boredom of heat island effect more intuitively from a group of numbers 、 Exposure to the ozone hole 、 Is there nutrition in food trace elements 、 Are genetic testing recommendations accurate 、 Geometric effects of soil management ……

justified 30 year

Obvious , Nowadays, people's life is inseparable from the support and service of data . And Seymour Fisher (Thermo Fisher Scientific) It is such a company dealing with data detection and analysis . It is the world's largest manufacturer of scientific analytical instruments , And a leader in science services . The company's annual sales exceed 200 Billion dollars , At the top of 《 Forbes 》 The world 500 Strong enterprise . Enter China 30 many years , Seymour Fisher has been working with people's “ Food and clothing live line ” Dealing with : soil 、 air 、 The water quality 、 Food monitoring and testing , Medical care 、 Pathological analysis in biopharmaceutical field 、 Gene testing 、 Laboratory analysis , Even the quality inspection of industrial steel , The figure of Seymour Fisher is quietly active behind her .

The author gives a very small example , Let's look at a solution from Thermo Fisher “ daily ” The value of : About “ Which is more effective ” There is a long-standing dispute over , People in western countries doubt the efficacy of herbal medicine , But Seymour Fisher's lab uses mass spectrometry of samples 、 Collect high quality data for data mining statistics 、 Component identification 、 The fragment belongs to , We can analyze the components of traditional Chinese medicine by scientific means 、 Element content 、 The retention time of the compound , It can realize the rapid and accurate characterization of traditional Chinese medicine and natural products . justified ,“ Speak with facts ” It's easier to be admired , It also makes the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine more acceptable .

“ Data storm ” The pot of crisis , We don't back

However , It is such a high-tech enterprise closely related to data output , But almost fell into “ Data storm ” In the crisis of .

The digital world is as vast as the universe , The data generated every day is like stars . Thermo Fisher's products cover food safety 、 Life science 、 The environmental monitoring 、 Industrial applications and other industries , The amount of data analysis in each field is staggering . Not only is the analysis process complex , And the process is very time consuming , Real time response cannot be satisfied by ordinary devices 、 High concurrency requirements .

To ensure the rapid response and processing of data , It must be raised IT Hardware investment cost , And will face capacity expansion construction, deployment time-consuming 、 Complicated management and so on . If you ignore it , Once the data output is delayed , Will greatly affect the customer experience . therefore , Thermo Fisher is ready to transform from a traditional equipment provider to a data service provider , While seeking to realize the commercial value of data . And to cloud services , Be the best choice for Thermo Fisher .

Cloud services can save and analyze the value data generated by Thermo Fisher's high-tech precision instruments , Not only is it flexible to access , And the cost is low , It has high cost performance . Final , High quality service 、 In line with Chinese market certification standards 、 And a commitment not to use customer data to cash , Let Thermo Fisher China choose to cooperate with Huawei cloud . Huawei cloud not only enables Thermo Fisher to 、 Any place , It can access and retrieve data quickly , And it provides a reliable guarantee for data security .

An antidote against the disease , A database exclusive solution for Huawei cloud is enough

Have to admit , The communication and cooperation between the two technology companies are very smooth .

According to the business characteristics and needs of Thermo Fisher , Huawei cloud has created a set of database specific solutions for it . Huawei cloud helps Thermo Fisher deploy product management and order management systems on cloud servers , Use Redis Cache order system hot data , Effectively reduce the data flow to the database IO load . Huawei cloud deployed at the bottom RDS The database keeps product information and order information at the same time , Enable automatic backup management , Upload backup files to cost-effective object storage on a regular basis .

Do not understand ? No problem , Let's make a point :

First , We need to know RDS As one of the most popular relational databases in the world , Have excellent online transaction processing and online analytical processing capabilities . The former mainly performs the basic daily transaction processing , The latter supports complex analysis operations , Focus on decision support , And provide intuitive and easy to understand query results . This makes it easy to handle complex application scenarios , Even in the face of Thermo Fisher's involvement in so many fields, it's easy to deal with .

secondly , Hua Wei Yun RDS After providing cloud services , In addition to the original performance, it has been added that it can be used as soon as possible 、 Stable and reliable 、 Safe operation 、 Stretch and stretch 、 Easy to manage 、 It is economical and practical , From the technical and economic convenience to fully meet the business needs of Thermo Fisher .

Huawei cloud database system specific solution Topology

Come on , It's time to witness miracles

After the delivery of the solution , Seymour Fisher was very pleased . Huawei cloud easily meets his two demands —— The analysis time is shortened , Improve the system response rate . The solution not only solves the problem of fast data retrieval , And automatic backup enables data to be restored to any point in the backup retention period , Don't worry about “ Misoperation ” Problems that cause data loss , Provide reliable and lasting data for Thermo Fisher .

For Seymour Fisher , Hua Wei Yun RDS The charm of database still has a lot to explore . For example, support network isolation 、 Security group settings , Provide access control to ensure data security ; Support random expansion of memory 、CPU, Timely response to business growth for hardware expansion needs and so on .

in fact , Represented by Seymour Fisher “ Big data in Biology ” The need for efficient processing is increasingly valued . Especially for the gene sequencing industry , With the advancement of sequencing technology , The rapid decline of sequencing cost is one of the important factors for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness , The application of cloud database will play an important role in the process of cost control .

In addition to scientific service companies like Thermo Fisher that need to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently , Facing Finance 、 Internet 、 Software development industry , Huawei cloud also has targeted solutions to choose from .

If you want to be efficient 、 Fast 、 Flexible processing of massive data ; If you want to take care of your money bag , Effectively revitalize the business value of data ; If you have a clear need for digital services , But it's a pity that I don't know the architecture and operation and maintenance of the database , Then I recommend Huawei cloud database service to you .

Maybe you don't know Huawei cloud database yet , But borrowed 《 The big bang theory 》 The American humor of Xie Er when he introduces two strange friends ——“ Penny , This is Dr. printon , Quantum cosmology authority . Dr. printon , This is penny , A waiter who doesn't understand that internal combustion engines need gasoline as fuel .”

Professional things are left to professional people , Just focus on business development , No need to be a database expert .

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