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The rudder tells you: who made the deal because the fil loan rate soared to 100 percent?

The miners are not just for short-term benefits , Simply ask to cancel or reduce the pre pledge , What they need is an open and friendly rule of the game .

Just when the currency market is red , admission Filecoin Mining players are worried . The problem is not that the currency price has not risen , It is ,“ Calculi didn't run , I haven't even seen the shadow of the coin ”.

before , It is a great story in the industry “ The miners strike ,Filecoin After the online computing power almost stopped ”, The result is right , But the reason is not the miners , It's a lack of money .

Excavation Filecoin There is a premise , Every package 1 Sectors need to be pre pledged 0.2 gold FIL, Until the end of sector operation ( At least six months later ) Just unlock . After the successful excavation of ore blocks , Block awards also need to be post pledged . thus , Miners face a shortage of pledge money 、“ one can't make bricks without straw ” The problem of .

Insufficient pledge currency does not mean FIL There is not enough circulation , otherwise , We've seen this for a long time FIL“ An arrow goes through the clouds ” Grand occasion , The shortage of pledge money is more “ Resource allocation ” The problem of , Early investors 、 Secondary market investors and other currency holders “ Hold it without ”, Need to pledge token 、 The miner who endorsements his credit is unable to buy coins , By is ,Filecoin The currency loan market came into being .

At the big and small meetings of Shanghai Wanxiang week , There are always miners coming from afar / The miners 「 I am seeking money 」, Tens of thousands of people are often needed , And for months .

The circle of friends is also a channel

Under the huge gap , Put the money on ,FIL The deposit rate has changed from 12% rose 156%, It's all over 13 times . I used to do it myself Filecoin Publicly funded CoinList A collection order was also issued to the holders .

that ,FIL How much money is needed , Can we pass “ Market configuration ” To heal ? Its essence is that mining machinery is too abundant , still Filecoin The mortgage mechanism is unreasonable ?Odaily Planet daily interviewed several practitioners , Let's discuss these problems with you .

A coin is hard to get for a miner , The exchange sends out

Collection order for borrowing currency , The interest rate of financial management can reach 156%

In various occasions of Shanghai blockchain week , As long as you watch , You can see Filecoin The figures of the players , You can get closer to , Often, three sentences do not leave “ The pledge money is in a hurry ” This theme .

here we are 10 month 30 Japan , Liu Bo, who has been in Shanghai for a few days ( alias ) I have to go back . As a Shenzhen one Filecoin The head of the miner , Liu Bo's mission to the north this time is to borrow money .

In recent days , He's running around parties with all kinds of themes , I met with the big family he knew 、 Institutions and exchanges , But still can't fill the gap .

Though a little depressed , But also let Liu Bo deeply realize , This is the crux of the whole industry , All players on the field are worried , It's no use being urgent .

A lot of people didn't expect ,Filecoin Preparation 3 Finally, the year was launched , I thought it was “ A huge stone finally landed ”, But then came another big rock .

In order to form effective constraints on the miners responsible for data storage ,Filecoin official ( Protocol lab ) A rigorous economic mechanism has been set up , This includes pre mortgage and block incentive mortgage ( It is also called post mortgage ).

The block reward mortgage refers to the block reward obtained by miners , have only 25% But then unlock , The remaining 75% Will be in 180 Linear unlock within days . The front mortgage is , The miner needs to press before sealing the sector 0.2FIL/32GB The amount of the sector is mortgaged , And it must not be unlocked during the working cycle of the sector .

What is the concept ? We might as well make an account .

according to Filfox Flying fox browser data , By 11 month 9 Japan 7:00,Filecoin The computing power of the whole network has reached 822.8PiB, since 10 month 15 It's online today , The average computing power of the whole network is 9.6PiB/ The daily rate of growth , From this, we can calculate that the daily required pre pledge currency is 6.5 over .

In the circle of friends , Many people were forced to become mathematicians

And then look at the supply . There are two main components of the current mortgage : Block rewards generated by existing computing power in the main network , And the incentive testing network “ Space race ” The reward token generated .

Let's start with block rewards , according to Filfox Flying fox browser data , near 24h The output of the whole network is 16.648 over , among 25%(4.162 over ) Can be unlocked the next day . The incentive test network gives miners about 410 over , Press 180 Antenna release can be unlocked daily 2.27 over , The sum of the two can reach 6.4 over , It looks like it can Cover The expenses of the mortgage currency .

But there are two very important things . First , The miners dug up 4.162 over , Whether you are willing to use it as a mortgage for a long time ? According to the Odaily Planet daily understands , Most of the miners are selling their machines / When calculating power, they all promised , It will bear the pre pledge expenses for users . Second point ,410 Ten thousand reward coins are distributed to the top 100 miners , And the greater the power of calculation, the more you get , Then there must be some reason 、 A miner who does not perform at the true level of the incentive test network and gets a reward currency that matches its computational power , How can these miners fill the gap of pledge money ?

In this context , buy FIL Or borrow FIL It's the miners / The two roads in front of the miners .

buy FIL The amount of money taken up is undoubtedly enormous , And the long-term pledge also faces a huge downward risk of currency price , It may be on the French standard “ No kernels or seeds are gathered, as in a year of scarcity ”, therefore , It's a lot to borrow money “ The next step ” The best way to do it .

After the requirements are clear , From inside to outside , A group of FIL Lending solution providers . The market is dominated by centralized exchanges , Over the counter lending has its own magic power .

From a miner FIL Rich list

First look 3 Big exchange . At present ,OKEx The withdrawal of the currency is stagnant , The amount of fire coins and coins installed are in the level of millions , But most of them are user tokens . Of course , Once the market has demand , These exchanges can also quickly raise money from users .

about FIL Lending business , Fire money related business line staff said , At present, customers can borrow money through position by position leverage and whole position leverage ( You can withdraw part of it after you lend it out ), Larger ones can directly connect with sales colleagues .

Fire money by warehouse leverage product page

The interest rate of currency security is higher , Can be up to 73%, The pledge rate should be lower than 66%( Pledge rate = Loan value / Mortgage value ), For example, users have a lower level in the platform , And then there's the loan limit ( If the level is 0 The highest can only borrow 200FIL).

Currency security by position leverage page

What's interesting is that , If you have FIL, It can also be lent on the coin .

“ Coin Anbao ” The product page shows , since FIL go online (10 month 15 Japan ) so far , Coin security needs to launch 3 period FIL Regular financial products ,10 month 19 Day and 10 month 22 From 14 Daily financial management and 10 month 27 From 7 Daily regular financial management , With FIL There is no solution to the shortage , Market demand continues to increase , These three FIL Interest rates on financial products have soared , From the initial 12% Up to the 88% Until then 10 month 27 Japanese 156%, It's all over 13 times .

In addition to the positive response of major exchanges , With the participation of protocol laboratories “ Semi official ” platform CoinList And emergency response .

10 month 20 Japan , One copy CoinList To the user “FIL Loan program ” E-mail is circulating in the community . According to the mail ,CoinList Introduction FIL Loan program , The minimum loan amount is 250FIL, The term of the loan is 3 Months ; When the loan is due , Participating users will receive the principal and 40% Annual interest of ( Tokens, ).

about FIL It's a matter of borrowing ,CoinList The advantage is that it was in 2017 Nian gang Filecoin To raise public funds , Accumulated a lot of investors , It's a compliance platform again , The amount of money that can be raised is also considerable ; For miners, the borrowing rate is low , It's also attractive .

in addition , Juan saw this problem at the beginning of the launch of the main network , And said ,“ The team has already been with TBA Cooperation in providing micro loans to miners , It will not be used for profit , And it's small , It won't help the miners to bear all the needs of the pledge ( A super selling machine ), Only miners are allowed to borrow money for pledge , There will be a daily limit to the loan .” But about the specific interest on the loan 、 The amount has not yet been disclosed .

To solve the problem of lack of currency ,95% CYU negotiated with Juan

No money worries , I borrowed money , The miners can't let up for a moment . It's not just the cash flow of the miners that's taking up , At the same time, there are always risks .

All the loan products mentioned above are called “ Pledge rate ” Indicators of , It represents the lending value / The ratio of mortgage value . such as , stay Gate.io borrow FIL The highest pledge rate is no more than 70%, That is, you mortgage 100USDT You can borrow at most 70USDT Equivalent FIL.

thereafter , if FIL Rise in price , That's what you're lending FIL Value rises , If FIL Rise in price 25%, Then the value of the lender's loan rises to 105USDT, Beyond the value of the mortgage , It means that the borrower and the platform cannot recover the principal and interest , To avoid such losses , Borrowers often set an upper limit on the pledge rate ( Usually 85%), When the loan value ratio rises to this ratio , If the lender does not increase the collateral in time , The borrower confiscates the collateral , Clear the arrears . That means , At this point , If the miner / The miners failed to replenish the warehouse in time , That is, by default, at this higher price ( The pledge rate reaches 85% The price of the time ) Bought borrowed FIL, It will bear on its own FIL The risk of falling .

This really happened , It's a big hit for the miners .

According to a miner , The big miners he knew , At present, the monthly net expenditure is 200 Ten thousand yuan . Some of the miners calculated that , It has even lost tens of millions , The problem is , Money from the sale of mining machines , Is not enough “ Cost of mining machine 、 Operation and maintenance costs and mortgage token costs ” Expenditure , In this context , The miners “ Stressed out ”.

11 month 3 Japan ,Filecoin One of the big miners, interstellar land, announced that it would stop selling its products . It said ,“ There is redundancy in market products , The value of the project should be further enhanced to achieve long-term development , You have to slow down , Expand applications . For investors , The initial dividend has now been missed , Keep investing , Not only is there no extra test reward, but also no accumulated computational power support , The risk is too high . In order to better cope with the challenges of market changes and project development , The interstellar continent is from 2020 year 10 month 30 The date of , Sales of all products have been suspended for the time being .”

You bet , There is no mortgage currency , How to increase computing power and accept new customers ?

“ This could last six months ”, The founder of StarCraft vision Will Express .

Half a year later , It's really a big node , When the , Incentive test network token 、 Mining reward token 、 Most of the pledged tokens and some early investor tokens will be unlocked at this time ( complete ), This can greatly supplement the endogenous loop of the token needed by miners .

that , That's why most of the current miners / The miner's calculation power is in the semi power on state , Whose fault is it ?

Regarding this , Officials and miners are “ each sticks to his argument ”.

Let's start with the current suffering miners / For the miners , quite a lot Filecoin The miners support the mortgage mechanism , But there are also many people who say , Officials are hesitant in setting mortgage parameters , The miners didn't have enough time to prepare .

This year, 7 month , Before the incentive testing network starts ,Odaily Star daily interviewed the person in charge of a major miner , It said ,“ It's not worried about mortgage tokens , Because in the early days, there were no coins , So early blocks don't need collateral ; and , The token distributed by the incentive test network can also be used as a pre mortgage .”

But in the 10 The main network goes online in the month , The boots are set , We see , The ultimate mortgage mechanism is not satisfactory . But it was a message that many miners received at the time .

On the incentive test line (8 month 25 Japan ) after , The tardy mortgage parameters also give miners more or less “ Fluke mind ”. It was recorded in 9 At the beginning of the month, when the incentive testing network started , The pre pledge rate of the network reaches 0.6FIL/Sector, And the pledge period is not 180 God , It is 20 God .

here , The big miners expect ,“ If you increase it every day 10PB If we calculate the power , You need it in one day 31 ten thousand FIL mortgage , With FIL The unit price 20 In dollar terms, it's 600 More than $ , If it lasts 20 God , The miners in the whole network have to mortgage more than one billion dollars , Miners don't have so much money .”

The miner then affirmed that ,“ I'm sure the economic model will be modified . Look at the latest documents , The government is ready to allow block awards of post mortgage to be added to the front mortgage , It's a positive sign .”

lo , The pre pledge rate has decreased , But the pledge cycle has been extended .

This species “ A temporary decision ” It brings a lot of uncertainty , The miners were caught off guard . This is when the main network goes online, the big miner's time and space cloud is open “ accuse ” Protocol lab .

The miners are not just for short-term benefits , Simply ask to cancel or reduce the pre pledge , What they need is an open and friendly rule of the game .

Officials don't seem to see this layer . Hu An, founder of the protocol laboratory, once called the machine that the miner failed to start up due to the shortage of tokens “ A super selling machine ”, The official does not intend to believe that “ The business of the miner ” be responsible for .

“ Discuss technical issues , He is very welcome , But when it comes to economic mechanisms , Never give up .” The miner shook his head .

Ecological group , Spend time together

Different miners have different marketing strategies and strategies to participate in the incentive testing network , The situation of token shortage is different .

According to a miner's analysis , Is the miner short of money , We have to look at it in several ways :

One is whether it participates in the space race , Get the test money 、 Upper power 、 Competing for rank , This will eventually affect the test currency and reward currency , If the miners don't take part in the space race , So it's much more difficult than the manufacturers that participated in it at the starting line . There is another kind of situation that , Some manufacturers are also actively involved , But I didn't know in advance that the test coin would become the real one , So to debug the equipment 、 The idea of trial and error is the first , A lot of computing power and tokens were confiscated , Rather it is a pity .

The second point is to see , Whether each house has sufficient awe and preparation for the pre pledge . In spite of the fact that the parameters of the pre pledge are not finally determined when the incentive test network is in progress , but Filecoin The official harshness of the economic system , The miners are also aware of five or six points . generally , Every miner will sell according to the size of their own sales , Calculate the required size of pledge currency , And as far as possible through the field 、 Investors and exchanges cooperate to raise tokens . If you have the psychology of greatly reducing the pre pledge, you are not fully prepared , Then the main network line will be passive .

Another point is to look at the miner's marketing strategy . If it faces more retail investors , Users can't normally increase their computing power after they go online 、 If you mention the money , The mood will be bigger , This will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on miners ; contrary , Miners are looking for institutional customers 、 Large household , Maybe more able to face the extension of this period 、“ take your time ” This rhythm is . in addition , If the miner uses a multi-level distribution mechanism when selling , Then its profits may be relatively low , At this time, we have to bear the pledge money , It's not even worse for its cash flow .

Even though the wind and the waves are strong , But for the miners who are already on board, and for more participants , The only way is to face the difficulties , Mutual support , To get through the difficulties together .

At this node where you can't breathe ,Will Can feel clearly , The ecological players are changing subtly .

“ Before the main network goes online , Each manufacturer is almost in the state of operating separately , Sometimes there are scandals in the industry . But when it comes to the main network , Everybody's in the same boat , The burden is heavy , I can feel the situation of other friends . I hope everyone can solve the problem , Get through the difficulties .”


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